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 Fitness for Women



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Training Schedule

Mondays: 4:30pm + 5:30pm

Wednesdays: 4:30pm + 5:30pm

Saturdays: 9:30am + 10:30am

Interval Training at Its Best

Each 45-minute session is designed to complement the others for the ultimate balanced, strength + cardio infused female-focused training program. Whether you are a Monday regular, or you decide to commit to 2 or 3 sessions a week, expect this fitness routine to build in momentum and improvement over a 6-week period. Every 6 weeks the program is newly designed to reflect your progress and provide fresh challenges and variety that a woman's body will respond to best! Training for women, by a woman.

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What Makes This Fitness

Program Different

It's the relationships over time. It's not your typical gym where you are working out in silence like being in an elevator where no one talks to each other. We kabitz and support each other, they are great workouts, + therapeutic all at the same time. 

Marie Kreutz

I've been able to build TONS of self confidence - I'm doing things I never thought I could! Friendship & support, the other women PLUS Dana, all encourage and love on each other. & Of course, muscles!!! I am strong as hell and so proud of it!

Jenn Orlando

I began to trust the journey and allowed you to challenge me which lead to becoming a better version of myself both mentally and physically. The unwavering support and encouragement has kept me coming back for more!

Jennifer Teseroni

In-studio workouts are relaxed, yet no nonsense. It's a "safe" zone with like-minded women who are there to love themselves. Working the body is a gift I give myself. Dana offers the knowledge in all the various workouts. + the music definitely adds to it!

Deb Manfredonio

Get Fit Without 
Beating On Your Joints

All that jumping and pounding may have worked in your 20's & 30's, but not anymore. Learn how to take care of your body more effectively for increased muscle, strength and cardio endurance that builds you UP not breaks you DOWN.

Workout with  Women Who GET YOU

We are a group of women who curse, sometimes bring emotional tears to the workout from having a rough day, but most of all, we are women who seek to cultivate REAL relationships at this stage of life. The friendships that form among this workout tribe set the bar for healthy boundaries & relationships across the board.

It's Time to Put 
Yourself FIRST

The kids are grown (or maybe you are childless like Dana!) and you are finally ready to put your needs and desires FIRST on your priority list. This workout program is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that YOU are worth it because deep down you know everyone around you will benefit.

Answers to

Your Questions

Hey I'm

Dana Lee

And My Mission Is To Help You Live a Fucking Awesome Life

I have been a fit pro for 30 years now. For the first 22 of those years, I suffered from disordered eating and self-hate especially after bouts of uncontrollable binges, compulsive exercising or mindless eating, but had no one to turn to to understand what exactly I was missing for me to stop this behavior I felt so ashamed about. It wasn’t until I had a revelation one tearful day, that the time has come to quit the dieting lifestyle for good and instead, redirect all that energy to understand how my mental & emotional health impacts my physical body and my spirit. THAT is when everything changed. I finally found answers followed by a more calm, peaceful way to live. (spoiler alert: my food dysfunction had nothing to do with food) I now help women heal their relationship with food, rebuild their regular exercise routine as they learn to respect and take good care of their bodies, regardless of their size. My fitness studio is a space to explore your true self amongst a collective of women seeking to break through self-limiting behaviors and beliefs to build a soulfully nourishing, yummy MOST AWESOME life!