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The videos and statements below are from women who have struggled for decades with self-image, self-esteem and their relationship with food and their bodies. This is what happened when they decided to invest in their healing and recovery in a way they never had before - by applying the unique MindFit approach and hiring Dana Lee as their mentor.

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She Used to HATE Her Thighs... Not Anymore!


"You know how with every “diet” and every gym you are told bring a buddy. Having someone to go on the journey with you keeps motivated. That what Dana and the Mindfit mentorship is giving me. I am not alone. First with the weekly group meetings, everyone involved becomes your support by celebrating your positives. Then with the workouts and the friendly faces, they are set up in away that everything you do is exactly enough. Lastly within myself. This curriculum is teaching me how to be my own best friend. Teaching me how to be happy where I am and celebrate myself. I feel like for the first time in years, everyday I am exactly where I’m supposed to be at that moment mentally, emotionally and physically. I am so grateful that I just happened to see a video about The mindfit mentorship, show up on my FB feed on the exact day I needed it. Here’s something else. I’ve tried WW and other diets in the past (who hasn’t) and sure they celebrated your pounds lost but they also have a way of making you feel like total crap if you didn’t loss any weight. That is not this group. It’s not about the weight loss. It’s about living your best life. It’s about loving yourself enough that you treat yourself as your best friend. You become good to you. You show yourself the kindness and love you deserve without the self hate that has been force fed by being told you’re not good enough. Dana and this wonderful group of women have a way of finding and celebrating you for you. Helping you find the pride that you did a jumpin Jack for the first time in 10 yrs."

Wendy Forte
8 months into the MindFit Mentorship

It Doesn't Matter if You're 62 or 22, This Mentorship WORKS!

"The mindset program is a “BRILLIANT” creation designed by Dana Lee to truly change your relationship with food. For me I knew I needed help! She was the 911 call I made to save myself. Truly an inspiration and motivator for me after “1” call. Invest your time, money and well being in this self help journey. I did, and my life has forever changed. If you want to contact me, I can share so much. Too much to put on here. Just know, you will get so much support from the group and from Dana. The best cheerleader there is. She will continue to help you anytime you need it, and you will feel so much more confident and in control. Check out my interview with her! And please, do yourself a favor and sign up. It’s an investment in yourself, your well being, YOUR SOUL!" ~ Madeline Mulvaney


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There are 3 tiers to choose from, based on how quickly you are looking to accelerate your results and the investment you are willing and able to make in yourself at this time.

Needed MORE Support After Bariatric Surgery & She Got It... And Then Some

"I will say that this has been life changing work for me. Between the education, the support, the other women, and of course, Dana, I finally feel like I have a path forward that serves ME. Game changer." ~ Jennifer Orlando


"I have been on the program for almost a year and I truly believe it was a great investment because of the knowledge and work that you get to do on yourself, the community and friends that you make, and... most of all... the better mindset, peace and happiness that the work brings into your life. I think I have been on and off a diet since I was 14 years old! I have spent many years in frustration and obsession over the next best thing which always brought me back to being unhappy/upset/jealous/thinking why me/etc.. If you are tired of looking for the "quick fix" that really never works and are ready to make a long term change to choose "you" and make you happy, your life happy, and everything around you happier... well the this mindset course and community is for you. We can't wait to meet you and see you on our weekly calls!"

Paulina Zareba
Wife, Salsa Dancer, Traveler & Lover of LIFE

4 Decades of Food Disfunction on The Path to Healing in Less Than 4 Months

"I know without this program, I would be in the same rut as I had been for years, and doing the same shit over and over again with no sustainable results is frustrating. Mindset is where it is at, Dana has proven this over and over to me with her training and personal conversations. You need to do different, if you want different results. Is that the saying?? That is the truth, I know that." ~ Angela McIntyre


Peace With Herself AND With Food Has FINALLY Arrived And Is Here to Stay


"I found Dana on YouTube in 2015. She intrigued me. What she said, how she said it, resonated with me. I subscribed and followed but I stayed on the outskirts. I joined RealFit in 2016 because I wanted to hear more. As much as I liked her workout videos, I liked her conversations better. I never really participated in those conversations but I was there listening, absorbing. In the fall of 2017, Dana offered a 12 week Mindfit Challenge to members. The biggest challenge for me was the cost. Although not pocket change, it was doable. I sent my kids to camp, they participated in traveling sports teams, proms, 1st cars all the stuff we do as parents. Hell, my husband purchased a new motorcycle and built a race car. No problem! However, just the thought of me spending that much money on me was anxiety provoking. I met with Dana, virtually. She didn’t ask my weight or measurements. We didn’t discuss fitness or weight loss goals, meal plans or diets. We talked about why I was willing to take a backseat in my own life. The camps I sent the kids to was about me, they would have been content swimming in the backyard with friends. None of our kids are professional athletes; a couple of the prom dates ended in heartbreak and all the cars have been replace several times over. The husband’s collection of toys continues to grow. Yet, I could not fathom spending money on me it seemed selfish. Talking to Dana was like talking to an old friend. Needless to say, I said yes to me! I answered the sirens call of wanting more in my life and I have NEVER regretted it. Since that first time I have participated in a couple of other rounds and always discover something new, peeling back another layer. Her program provides the blueprint for life changing work. The beauty of it is you can go as deep as you want or stay as shallow as you need to, circle back around and start all over again or jump in where you left off. You just have to say “YES!”"

Crystal Kirby
MindFit client since 2017

Wanted to Help Her 15 Year Old Daughter & Ended Up Helping BOTH of Them Through This Program


"The MindFit Mentorship Programme really helped me figure out that last 5% between food, exercise and weight loss that I had been struggling with for many years. Understanding what that missing link was has helped me be more accepting and healthier and more “fit”. Dana guides you through this process and teaches you how to use the tools and you come out of it stronger and more accepting of yourself."

Michelle Ahoy
Teacher, wife & mom of 2

She Decided NOT to Wait To Gift Herself This Program for Her Birthday - She Did It NOW!


How This Mother of 5 (newborn in her arms!) Discovered Her Own Self-worth


What Other Women Have to Say About The RealFit Mindset Course

"Didn't think I needed any help with my relationship with food yet-- Wow! This mindset course was eye-opening. I'm operating on a whole new level now! "   

"This was a powerful exercise for me - again at first I thought "I don't really have this issue" but I threw myself into the work anyway and BAM! Big payoff! "

"So simple and beautiful. This is where I am living now...practicing loving myself."

"Wow - this it's hard to say what my BIGGEST take-away has been -- there are so many things! I guess I would have to say the thing that sticks with me every day, all the time, is to notice how I feel emotionally before making a food choice . . .  it's the attitude acknowledgement and change that's been so amazing for me!"

"I have spent a LOT of money thru the years on diet plans plastic like food on line platforms and they would work for a couple weeks but they never addressed the mental eating issues. The why and the deep rooted issues around food. Thats where Dana and the program comes in. At MY pace I am listening to these modules and it gets me thinking and HEALING. I am looking at things a little differently. The trickle down effect is also healing my relationship with food. Dana has been here where we are at whatever juncture you are at and thats what makes it work. Relatability compassion oh and some good fun on our calls. It all makes it work!!! Take the leap! You wont regret it!"

Kristyn Behnke
4 months into the MindFit Mentorship

A Step-by-Step Way to Find Your Voice and Set Healthy Boundaries... Even at 52!

"If you find yourself saying you can’t afford this, please take a moment and think about the cost of NOT doing this for YOURSELF. For me the benefits of this MindFit Mentorship are beyond priceless. I had been stuck for years and years and in March of 2021 I decided to say YESSSSSS to this training and YES to myself. The work is real, the support is real, the community is real and the results are real. 🙌🏻🥰 Being a part of the MFM has been life changing and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve learned so much about myself and now that I took the time to know myself better I love myself more and I feel lighter and free. I’m so grateful for Dana and for all of the beautiful souls on this journey with me. We laugh, we cry, we inspire and we grow together. If you have any questions, please message me. I’d be happy to chat with you." ~ Colleen Celmer


She Took a Chance on Mindset & Everything Opened Up, Including a Greater Love for Herself

"When I considered this program, I had some hesitance. I had tried psychiatrists, medications ( i have depression...no longer on meds btw), exercised excessively at the gym..at my home ...the list goes on. When I had the video chat with Dana, I knew something was different. Although I knew Dana was the real deal when I found her videos on YouTube. After our talk, I talked it over with my husband and decided it was a go. Since working this program (over a year now) I have had many "ahas"...I will name a couple...I had struggled for years with dad issues..mom and dad got divorce when I was young..he was absent most of my childhood ..mom was dominant in my life...very controlling..ya know what.. I FIGURED IT OUT through working this program ..no "wonder why this or wonder why that"...simply got an answer and it is good..settled. Thought that if I "counted calories" I'd lose weight, drank so much water, weighed daily, exercised x amount of time...and ya know what all of that has NOTHING to do with food those "controlling measures" were symptoms of things I actually could resolve once and for all and BONUS...I am now leaving food on the plate and really don't give food much thought also my rigid routine of exercise has changed and I tend to do what I feel like doing rather than rigid rituals that I had followed for years ( some days i just do anything and it is ok ). Let me say that these ladies in this group are an exceptional group of women who I consider my dearest friends. Each week we meet and share on a zoom call. if ya don't show up on a call these ladies will check on ya and see how ya are..they truly care We have plenty of laughs and we shed some tears. Through it all ya can say what ya want with no fear of insult or criticism..EVER..Never have I heard a negative word nor seen a written word of negativity AT ALL. This group is like none other and I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing group women..and to have Dana Lee lead us, love us, support us, help us on this journey to be who we truly desire to be." ~ Heather Bleasdale


"Working with Dana in this mentorship program has been tremendously helpful and one of the best decisions. I have struggled with the ‘yo yo’ weight loss/gain most of my life. I tried many different plans, i.e., fasting, diet pills, over-exercising, low carb, carb cycling, Jenny Craig, my fitness pal, the list goes on, and everything works until it does not, and I am back to square one. Since working with Dana, I have completely changed my outlook, and the work has allowed me to look inside myself and see the real reason for my relationship with food. There have been so many other impactful things coming out of this work, for example, understanding to love me and not listen to what society has programmed me to think about what is acceptable and not acceptable regarding how I act and look. I have more positive self talk and compassion for myself. This has been a very eye-opening experience, and I am just beginning the process (module 3). I am excited to move forward in the program. I am healing my relationship with food and myself and meeting extraordinary ladies with whom I share this common goal. All this is thanks to Dana. She is an amazing person, and you will not be sorry you started this program."

Etta Orames
4 months into the MindFit Mentorship

Listen to What Anna Motuz Had to Say About Her Experience With the MindFit Mentorship Program

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There are 3 tiers to choose from, based on how quickly you are looking to accelerate your results and the investment you are willing and able to make in yourself at this time.


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