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What you could get from

Using this Framework

This is my daughter and I on the beach in Florida last week. Not giving 2 shits about anything other than the water and waves and sun and shells. Ladies, this group and the work we’re putting in is life changing. For generations. I got brave enough to take a trip across the country just me and my kids. I put on a bikini and so did my kid. We’ve stayed covered up for YEARS. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? That’s a crappy way to live.
Take the trip.
Make the memories.
Put on a  swimsuit.
There’s nothing more worth it. Nothing on earth!
Love you Dana Lee Chapman! You’re changing the world! 

Stephanie Woodward


The MindFit Framework


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The RealFit Mindset Framework & 

Self-Paced Course

Dana Lee's Food & Body Freedom School

You'll begin understanding your relationship with food step by step as more is uncovered and revealed about yourself through this 12-module course. This is the foundation in which you can create a beautiful life where food and your battle with weight no longer stand in your way. 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Every Tuesday at 12pm ET you are invited to attend a meaningful conversation with other women in the program as I coach you through the sticky spots you may be feeling challenged or seeking clarity on something you are having a hard time seeing differently. Replays are available in the member's area if you cannot make it live. Listening in on the replay can be just as powerful.

You Also Receive
Support with 

Your Workouts

Workout Library

Choose from any length workout in all different categories! Yoga, Meditation, Stretch, HIIT, Strength, Spin, Kickboxing, Step, ranging from gentle to intense.

Livestream Workouts

On Mondays, Wednesdays + Fridays at 12pm ET a small group of ladies join Dana Lee to laugh and lift together. The program is designed to follow a 6-week series that progresses as you do.

The Kick Ass Results My

Clients are Getting

Dana has an incredible spirit that creates a safe environment and room to grow. I had one on one’s with Dana. I was a little skeptical because I have done absolutely everything. I did not want to throw away money again because I never know if I am truly ”ready” but I want to believe that I am. Listen ladies, this is a gift… I made more advancement [with Dana in 3 months] than I did in 20 years of therapy!! I'm so grateful.

Christine Shor

I had been battling binge eating for 4 decades and now it's a thing of the past. I know without this program, I would be in the same rut as I had been for years, and doing the same shit over and over again with no sustainable results is frustrating. Mindset is where it is at, Dana has proven this over and over to me with her training and personal conversations. You need to do different, if you want different results. Is that the saying?? That is the truth!

Angela McIntyre

When I started the mentorship program, I just wanted food freedom, to find that secret so I could lose weight. Instead, I found something SO MUCH more than that! I gained the ability to love and accept myself. I had to work hard, dig deep and be willing to chip away at all my walls and barriers to unearth ALL parts of me. This has allowed me to live my life more authentically and fully, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

Andrea Niese


You know how with every “diet” and every gym you are told bring a buddy. Having someone to go on the journey with you keeps motivated. That what Dana and the MindFit group is giving me. I am not alone. First with the weekly group meetings, everyone involved becomes your support by celebrating your positives. Then with the workouts and the friendly faces, they are set up in away that everything you do is exactly enough. Lastly within myself. This curriculum is teaching me how to be my own best friend. Teaching me how to be happy where I am and celebrate myself. I feel like for the first time in years, everyday I am exactly where I’m supposed to be at that moment mentally, emotionally and physically.

I’ve tried WW and other diets in the past (who hasn’t) and sure they celebrated your pounds lost but they also have a way of making you feel like total crap if you didn’t lose any weight. That is not this group. It’s not about the weight loss. It’s about living your best life. It’s about loving yourself enough that you treat yourself as your best friend. You become good to you. You show yourself the kindness and love you deserve without the self hate that has been force fed by being told you’re not good enough. Dana and this wonderful group of women have a way of finding and celebrating you for you. Helping you find the pride that you did a jumpin Jack for the first time in 10 yrs.

Wendy Forte

Your Life BEFORE

This Program

  • You can't trust intuition with food or that you are making the right decisions
  • You have constant negative thoughts running through your head
  • You fear sugar, carbs and other "bad" food
  • You can't stop consuming - food, drinks, shopping, social media - and it feels compulsive
  • You do a LOT of self-loathing and nothing you do ever feels good enough
  • You feel trapped in a vicious cycle and can't seem to find freedom or a way out
  • You have friendships you are outgrowing but cannot seem to let them go
  • You have a hard time communicating what you think and feel in an effective way
  • You don't know how to say NO to people and feel angry and resentful because of it.

Your Life AFTER

This Program

  • You trust yourself not only to know what and how to eat, but you trust yourself with decision making
  • You have the power to turn negative thoughts around & let them go 
  • Fear no longer rules your behavior or choices
  • You are in a love relationship with YOURSELF
  • You finally experience what it's like to be GOOD ENOUGH!
  • You'll have the tools, resources and community to live in FREEDOM from here on out
  • You have made new friends in the collective and now know what a healthy friendship really is
  • You say what you mean and mean what you say more effectively than ever before

When I started Dana's program, I always suspected that something else was ruining my day than just not having control over my eating. Over time, I realized that other things in my life were dragging me down emotionally, and I was compensating with food. As if that would make me feel better, ridiculous! Today I recognize all these patterns and can react appropriately. I have taken control of the madness in my everyday life and am able to recognize in advance where these crazy cravings come from to eat a chocolate tablet in the evening and can counteract them. My new life story is half finished, it could be more complete, I'm excited to still be working on that. 

         Françoise Gobet




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Dana Lee

And My Mission Is To Help You Live a Fucking Awesome Life

I have been a fit pro for nearly 30 years. For the first 22 of those years, I suffered from disordered eating and self-hate especially after bouts of uncontrollable binges, compulsive exercising or mindless eating, but had no one to turn to to understand what exactly I was missing for me to stop this behavior I felt so ashamed about. It wasn’t until I had a revelation one tearful day, that the time has come to quit the dieting lifestyle for good and instead, redirect all that energy to understand how my mental & emotional health impacts my physical body and my spirit. THAT is when everything changed. I finally found answers followed by a more calm, peaceful way to live. (spoiler alert: my food dysfunction had nothing to do with food) I now coach women just like you through a specific 12-step sequence of healing and recovery while providing mentorship, and a space to explore your true self amongst a collective of women seeking to break through self-limiting behaviors and beliefs to build a soulfully nourishing, yummy MOST AWESOME life!

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You have tried the dieting route again and again. The dieting path is not designed to boost your confidence, self-esteem or empower you to set boundaries. Take your power back by taking control of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself which in turn, changes your behavior and how you treat and take care of yourself. Your best life is waiting for you to stop looking for ways to control food or other addictive behaviors and start LIVING and this program shows you HOW.