Go From Feeling Heavy in Your Body and Spirit to Feeling LIGHT and FREE Like Never Before In a Matter of Months

Calling all women who have a deep-down desire to live a rich, fun-filled, more meaningful life beyond the suffocation of dieting and the exhaustion of the weight loss chase. Get your health and self-esteem back so you can experience freedom and feel in control of your own body, life and future for the rest (and PEACE) of your life!


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Book a discovery call with me to ask questions, get clarity on next steps. There is ZERO obligation to sign up for the mentorship. It is of utmost importance to me that we are a good fit, and that this program will serve you and solve what you are seeking to solve once & for all.

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BOTH OPTIONS Include the Following ~

✔️ RealFit Mindset Course (Lifetime Access)

✔️ PDF Worksheets to Accompany Every Module

✔️ Weekly Q & A / Accountability Calls + Access to the Replays
12pm EDT & 6pm EDT every Tuesday

✔️ Private Facebook Group for Support from Dana Lee & Sindhu Between Calls & Modules

✔️ 12 Months of RealFit.tv Home Workouts
+ Monday & Wednesday Livestream Lifts at 12pm EDT

✔️ Monthly Breathwork Sessions with Marni Ratner
Last Saturday of Every Month 10am - 12pm EDT

✔️ Monthly Masterclasses with guest experts on money mindset, EFT, career coaching, bra fitting, and more!

✔️ Book Club + Other meaningful discussions around films, documentaries, etc

She Used to HATE Her Thighs... Not Anymore!


Is This You?

  • You are seeking a way to have your cake & eat it too, with ZERO guilt! ...especially if you have struggled with dieting most of your adult life. You are tired of the fight and want a new, peaceful approach to what dieting is not giving you.
  • You loathe parts of yourself - how you look, how you feel - even though working out is a priority in your life.
  • You are coming to the conclusion that how you think & what you think is related to what you are experiencing in your life and are seeking a method that teaches you the steps to upgrade your food, fitness & self-image mindset (in other words, your thought process & beliefs about yourself) so everything in your life flows easier.
  • You love learning and work really well when there is a curriculum to follow. You seek order & structure.
  • You are ready to be coached! You are tired of trying to figure it out the hard way all by yourself. It's far too lonely and it's exhausting to feel so embarassed or ashamed by the truth of how you feel about yourself. You are ready for massive change!

It Doesn't Matter if You're 62 or 22, This Mentorship WORKS!


4 Decades of Food Disfunction on The Path to Healing in Less Than 4 Months


What Life Could Be Like For You Too


The Mindset Course Framework

This 12 Module Course can be completed as quickly as 12 Weeks, but it is recommended to go at your own pace because some modules will need to be "digested" a bit more than others. There is no rush! You are right on track every step of the way.

Laying The Foundation

Week 1
We create space for the new & good stuff to come in and pave the way for success by redefining your own food rules & fitness rules from the start. 

Creating Your Vision

Week 2
It’s impossible to get what you want until you are clear about it and YOU define it, so we begin our mindset work with powerful "the end in mind" exercise.

Unveiling Limiting Beliefs

Week 3
Uncover your own personal stories about how your beliefs were formed so you can get to work on exactly what’s blocking you from your freedom.  

You Are The Best Judge

Week 4
Judgement is a fantastic teacher! Get to the root of how and why you judge yourself and others so you can cultivate a deeper compassion for yourself. 

The Only Scale You Need

Week 5
Using a special 1-22 scale, you will learn to identifying and better-process how you feel (emotions) so you can find other coping mechanisms beyond food.

Food Is Food

Week 6
There is no good food or bad food AND you are not a good person or bad person for eating those particular foods. The demonizing of food ends here!

You Are Worth It

Week 7
Numbers do not define you ~ your weight on the scale, the size of your clothes, or the number in your bank account. Reclaim your self-worth!

The Distraction

Week 8
You get to answer the powerful question: "Who am I" without the distraction of weight struggles, perpetual dieting or perfectionism?

The Science

Week of 9
In order for you to create your own rules for food & fitness, you must learn more about how your body works, physiologically (muscle, fat & fascia)

Personal Responsibility

Week 10
This is the decision point of the program. Either you remain in victim mode or you take 100% personal responsibility and unlock your power!

Seeking Evidence

Week 11
There is evidence everywhere. But, are you looking for the proof that “I am not worth it”? or the proof that “I AM worth it”? Which do you choose to see? 

Your Freedom Formula

Week 12
Walk away from this course with your own food, fitness & freedom formula - Never “diet” again!

What Makes the Mentorship EVEN MORE Awesome:

Your 12 month mentorship support includes the following bonuses because it is an integral part of feeling successful on your journey of self-discovery.

Weekly Zoom Group Coaching Sessions

These group calls are nothing short of MAGICAL! It's where you connect with the others in the mentorship to listen, support and discuss what you are learning throughout the coursework. Get your questions answered, breakdown challenges you are encountering in your life and share openly and honestly about your life. This call will become your anchor to be sure you are implementing what you are learning along the way.

Private Facebook Group for Support & Sharing

In between doing the coursework and our weekly zoom calls, you may have a question or get an ah-ha or an insight that you want to share. This private group is the perfect place. Not only is Dana in there on a daily basis to support you, so are the other amazing women in the program. Dana will do pop-up facebook lives if you need clarity of something and you will also have plenty of opportunity to share your wisdom with others as well!

Wait! There's more...

12 Months of FUN Home Workouts

Choose workouts every week to do from home based on your mood, how much time you have, your fitness level or favorite format. Options include kickboxing, Yoga, Chair Yoga, Meditation, Strength, HIIT, Indoor Cycling, Fascial Fitness, Pilates, Barre & More! There are sessions than range from 5 minutes up to 60. This is how you learn to incorporate healthy movement into a healthy life.

Live Zoom Strength Sessions with Dana Lee

Join Dana Lee LIVE on Mondays & Wednesdays at 12pm EDT / 9am PDT and receive coaching on how to lift with proper form. (sessions are not recorded - that is why you have access to the full RealFit workout library!) Show up live and experience the camaraderie, laughter and guidance on how to lift weights properly. Every 6-8 weeks the program changes so you can see & feel progression!

Breathwork Sessions with Marni Ratner

On the 4th Saturday of every month, experience a different way of moving energy and emotions through your body by way of the breath! It's a 2 hour session, but the breathwork is only 45 minutes and all you need to do is get comfortable and relaxed as you let her guide you through each breathing technique. (Sessions are recorded so you have access to the replay anytime.)

"The MindFit Mentorship Programme really helped me figure out that last 5% between food, exercise and weight loss that I had been struggling with for many years. Understanding what that missing link was has helped me be more accepting and healthier and more “fit”. Dana guides you through this process and teaches you how to use the tools and you come out of it stronger and more accepting of yourself."

Michelle Ahoy
Teacher, wife & mom of 2

In less than 12 months, this could be YOU

(Some mentorship clients accomplish this in as little as 3!)

  1. You now have control over food, it does not control you
  2. You’ll have a clear picture for what makes you happy and how to make it happen in your life
  3. You’ll have a greater respect for your body and you will chose to treat it with loving kindness, redefining exercise and movement that is individual to YOU at this point in your life
  4. You will have greater access to your own creativity and feel greater fulfillment because you can freely express yourself
  5. You will know your boundaries and be able to hold them in place as others get to know your boundaries too (this benefits both parties)
  6. You will be a more effective communicator because you are clear on what is important to you and why you speak up about it. Communication becomes easier and is done effectively without plowing people over or causing defensiveness in others.
  7. You embrace a life of progress, not perfection and see how letting go of a need to be perfect is the thing that has held you back in the past
  8. You learn to forgive yourself and forgive others which allows you to resolve the past and move onto a bright future
  9. You’ll have a solid circle of women in your corner, some of which are becoming lifelong friends of yours.
  10. You’ll have a framework to always fall back on, no matter the challenge you are facing in your life.

How This Mother of 5 (newborn in her arms!) Discovered Her Own Self-worth


What Other Women Have to Say About The RealFit Mindset Course

"Didn't think I needed any help with my relationship with food yet-- Wow! This mindset course was eye-opening. I'm operating on a whole new level now! "   

"This was a powerful exercise for me - again at first I thought "I don't really have this issue" but I threw myself into the work anyway and BAM! Big payoff! "

"So simple and beautiful. This is where I am living now...practicing loving myself."

"Wow - this it's hard to say what my BIGGEST take-away has been -- there are so many things! I guess I would have to say the thing that sticks with me every day, all the time, is to notice how I feel emotionally before making a food choice . . .  it's the attitude acknowledgement and change that's been so amazing for me!"

A Step-by-Step Way to Find Your Voice and Set Healthy Boundaries... Even at 52!


A Portion of Every
Mentorship Sale Goes to
The Ocean Clean Up Project

I care about the environment and the impacts of consumerism. Every month a portion of the mentorship sales goes to cleaning up the plastic from our beautiful oceans.

Learn About The Ocean Clean Up

She Took a Chance on Mindset & Everything Opened Up


Who's Dana Lee?

My name is Dana Lee and I'm a mindset mentor & food freedom coach for women who want to feel good in their bodies and finally get past the food drama so they can lead the life they've always wanted for themselves.
Let's face it, obsessing about what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how much to eat... is taking up wayyyy too much real estate in your mind! Which means, it's consuming your precious life. Today is the youngest you will ever be! So, he time is NOW to break free from the diet culture trap and create a brand new way for yourself.
What makes my approach to permanent behavior change different is that I help you cut through the clutter and remove the obstacles so that you can get to experience the most important stuff in your life in the most enjoyable way possible.
I don't bull$h!t you and yet, at the same time I never rush you through your process or your journey - it all unfolds exactly as it should, and to witness that is the magic of life!
I can't wait to help you put an end to the self-defeating thoughts & behaviors and enter the world of FREEDOM & CHOICE. It's a beautiful place to live.

When I am not filming workouts for the site or coaching clients on mindset, I am either riding motorcycles with my husband Steve, practicing handstands in yoga, or hanging with a good friend having great conversation over a delicious cuppa coffee.
I also advocate for children in foster care as the role of a CASA in the county of Passaic, NJ.

Listen to What Anna Motuz Had to Say About Her Experience With the MindFit Mentorship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Step-by-Step, Self-paced Mindset Course 
    Unlock your mindset blocks in a way that feels doable, attainable, less scary and most importantly, for GOOD. Whether you do a module a week, or a module a month, time is not an issue in this 12-month program.

    Module Topics:
    1. Laying the Foundation
    2. Creating Your Vision
    3. Unveiling Limiting Beliefs
    4. Judgement
    5. The Emotional Guidance Scale
    6. Food is Food
    7. You are Worth It
    8. Personal Responsibility & Forgiveness
    9. The Science of Weight Loss
    10. The Distraction
    11. Evidence to Prove It's Working
    12. Your Ultimate Freedom Formula
    (Valued at $997)

  • Includes a Printable PDF to go Along with Each Mindset Exercise
    Think of this work as JUST AS IMPORTANT as working your physical muscles, like a workout. (if not, more-so for this particular block of time in your coursework) This is mentorship strengthens your MINDSET MUSCLE!

  • BONUS Action Items and Tools & Resources
    This help you become even more successful along the way as you uncover areas that you may want to explore more thoroughly.

  • Weekly Support and Direct Connection with Dana Lee
    Attend weekly Q & A / Accountability Zoom calls that are recorded in case you cannot make it live. These are magic! (Valued at $25 / group call)

  • Asking Questions and Sharing Breakthroughs or Wins
    A private facebook group in include so you can get support from me and Sindhu Nair (my MindFit Wing Woman!) and other mentees between calls and between modules. (How do you put a value on THAT?! $$$$$)

  • Monthly Breathwork Sessions with Marni Ratner
    The last Saturday of every month at 10am - 12pm EDT, replay available in member's area. (Valued at $25 per session)

  • Monthly Master Classes 
    Topics include: Money mindset, career, relationships, organizing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), bra-fitting and more! (Valued at $97/masterclass)
  • Workout with Dana Lee at Home
    12 Months of RealFit.tv On-demand Home Workouts + Livestream workouts held every Monday and Wednesday at 12pm EDT(Valued at $564)

You have lifetime access to the course itself, and after 12 months, you can decide if you'd like to continue with the "MindFit Momentum for a RealFit Life" that continues the support you were receiving during the initial year of this program.

Many of our clients have repeated the course again & again because you will find that the material will peel back a layer of mindset work to start, and with each repeated round another layer is uncovered at a deeper level.

Great! In fact, when you have a healthy enough relationship to team up with a family member or a friend, your transformation will be even that much more powerful. Each participant must pay separately since the course work requires a log in & individual lesson & module tracking for progress. 

Let's talk! Fill out this questionnaire and we will set up a zero-obligation zoom call to talk about what's possible for you.

Click here

If your intention is to complete the modules week by week as they are released, it is recommended that you carve out 30 minutes every day, Monday - Friday to dedicate to YOURSELF for this course work.

HOWEVER - you are self-paced and may find that some modules can be done quickly, while others may need time to "digest." So, no need to rush! That is why it's a 12 month mentorship program.

Something to note: If you believe workout time is important, than think of this as equally, if not EVEN MORE IMPORTANT to commit to (and create a morning/daily ritual around) because your mindset muscle is the one thing you can work and re-define that will make everything else in your life EASIER, MORE PEACEFUL & get you into the flow of life that you deserve.



ENROLL NOW for $1897




ENROLL NOW for $177/mo

BOTH OPTIONS Include the Following ~

✔️ RealFit Mindset Course (Lifetime Access)

✔️ PDF Worksheets to Accompany Every Module

✔️ Weekly Q & A / Accountability Calls + Access to the Replays
12pm EDT & 6pm EDT every Tuesday

✔️ Private Facebook Group for Support from Dana Lee & Sindhu Between Calls & Modules

✔️ 12 Months of RealFit.tv Home Workouts
+ Monday & Wednesday Livestream Lifts at 12pm EDT

✔️ Monthly Breathwork Sessions with Marni Ratner
Last Saturday of Every Month 10am - 12pm EDT

✔️ Monthly Masterclasses with guest experts on money mindset, EFT, career coaching, bra fitting, and more!


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