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This is your complete mind + body + spirit solution for dysfunctional and disordered eating recovery. Feel stuck, lost and angry at yourself that you KNOW what to do, but can't seem to follow through and DO IT? That's a running theme of every woman who does this work with me. Food addiction behaviors and low self-image are layered and complex. Learn how to apply The RealFit Mindset Course framework to your real life and watch your life transform! 


A Book Was Written & Published as a Result of This Program

Most women who come to me have overlapping addictions and afflictions. For one particular client she came to me to heal binge eating, and ended up finding peace and resolution with both her food addiction and secret sex addiction. This is her story.

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I have been a fit pro for nearly 30 years. For the first 22 of those years, I suffered from disordered eating and self-hate especially after bouts of uncontrollable binges, compulsive exercising or mindless eating, but had no one to turn to to understand what exactly I was missing for me to stop this behavior I felt so ashamed about. It wasn’t until I had a revelation one tearful day, that the time has come to quit the dieting lifestyle for good and instead, redirect all that energy to understand how my mental & emotional health impacts my physical body and my spirit. THAT is when everything changed. I finally found answers followed by a more calm, peaceful way to live. (spoiler alert: my food dysfunction had nothing to do with food) I now coach women just like you through a specific 12-step sequence of healing and recovery while providing mentorship, and a space to explore your true self amongst a collective of women seeking to break through self-limiting behaviors and beliefs to build a soulfully nourishing, yummy MOST AWESOME life!


I have been a fit pro for nearly 30 years. For the first 22 of those years, I suffered from disordered eating and I hated my body no matter how lean I got, but had no one to turn to to understand why I couldn't figure it all out (I mean, people were looking to ME for dieting answers!) It wasn't until I decided to stop dieting once and for all and focus more on how my mental and emotional health was impacting my physical body, that I finally found relief and an easier way to live. I now coach women just like you through a 12-module process of healing while providing support, a safe space, a step-by-step framework, and a community of women all rallying for the same thing; to feel lighter in body, mind and spirit so they can get onto live the life they've always wanted for themselves.

When you change the way you look at things...

the things you look at change

~ Wayne Dyer

The Kick Ass Results My

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I know without this program, I would be in the same rut as I had been for years, and doing the same shit over and over again with no sustainable results is frustrating. Mindset is where it is at. You need to do different, if you want different results.

Angela McIntyre

I will say that this has been life changing work for me. Between the education, the support, the other women, and of course, Dana, I finally feel like I have a path forward that serves ME. Game changer. Especially knowing bariatric surgery didn't give me all I was hoping for.

Jennifer Orlando

I answered the sirens call of wanting more in my life and I have NEVER regretted it. Dana's program provides the blueprint for life changing work. The beauty of it is you can go as deep or stay as shallow as you want to. You just have to say “YES!”

Crystal Kirby


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