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Victoria Ray

Hi, I'm Dana Lee

Founder of the MindFit Mentorship

 My Mission Is To Help You Live a Fucking Amazing Life 🤘

I have been a fit pro for nearly 30 years. For the first 22 of those years, I suffered from disordered eating and self-hate especially after bouts of uncontrollable binges, compulsive exercising or mindless eating, but had no one to turn to to understand what exactly I was missing for me to stop this behavior I felt so ashamed about. It wasn’t until I had a revelation one tearful day, that the time has come to quit the dieting lifestyle for good and instead, redirect all that energy to understand how my mental & emotional health impacts my physical body and my spirit. THAT is when everything changed. I finally found answers followed by a more calm, peaceful way to live. (spoiler alert: my food dysfunction had nothing to do with food) I now coach women just like you through a specific 12-step sequence of healing and recovery while providing mentorship, and a space to explore your true self amongst a collective of women seeking to break through self-limiting behaviors and beliefs to build a soulfully nourishing, yummy MOST AWESOME life!

Heal Your Relationship with Food with Dana Lee

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Learn the 12 Principles required to heal your relationship with food and get the support from Dana, Mandy and the other collective of women doing this powerful work alongside you.


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