The 22 Day Push Up Challenge #22kill

Favorite Me, my team & our members have been put to the test over the last couple of months. Our site has been down more times than we can count. It’s infuriating to say the least. And It’s been a grueling process trying to get the necessary systems in place to ensure this not only […]

Keep Doing THIS & You’ll Never Reach Your Goals!


Favorite   Oh. Em. Gee. The weather was amazing on Sunday!!! so got on our bikes, met up with my Mom & Dad & I got out for my first ride of the season. This is one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday & I look forward to sharing more pics with our […]

Having A Crappy Day? Ask Yourself This One Question & *snap!* Turn It Around

Favorite   Crappy days. We’ve all had them. & sometimes they turn into entire weeks. ugh But, how do you stop it in its tracks so you keep it from ruining your whole day (or snowballing into the next)? 8 magical words. That’s how. It’s about asking the right question when you notice your day […]

Radiance is Your Greatest Gift

happy inside

Favorite   There’s this elusive power that a woman has…it’s her femininity, her light, her radiance.               Most women don’t know what this power is or how to wield it (responsibly, of course). And yet, learning how to use this power for good (which includes you having everything you […]

See What I’m Cooking Up!

Hello Fresh

Favorite   Oh, have I got a treat for you today! Although I choose to eat mostly whole-foods & what I consider “healthy” for me – for the most part! – I have always claimed how I don’t like to cook. Instead, I “put things together.” So, given the opportunity to “put things together” – […]

A circuit workout + here’s what happened behind the scenes

Favorite   Over this past weekend a few RealFit members each took a road trip to come see me, the girls & our studio where all the RealFit magic happens! To think only a couple short years ago, filming workout videos was just an idea we had… Having members from the site from all different […]

Do you cringe at the thought of “body love”?


Favorite Body love. It’s such a hot topic & buzz word these days. But, seriously, what the HELL does it even mean? If the idea of “loving your bod” seems airy-fairy & totally out there, like IMpossible for you to do in this lifetime & therefore makes you cringe, then I have a video series […]

Accepting Yourself Does Not Mean You Are Giving Up

Favorite   I used to be the ultimate procrastinator on self-acceptance. In fact, I feared it. So, I put it off & avoided it like the plague. I thought that self-acceptance meant I was giving up. I would become lazy. I would stop working out. I would gain a ton of weight because I would […]

How To Wind Down & Fall Asleep Faster


Favorite Meditation, in a nutshell, is a simple 10-minute daily habit to get your peace back for the remaining 950 minutes of your waking day. But, here’s the problem I didn’t address last week…. it’s leaving out the priority of a restful night’s sleep. In that aspect, it works great for me first thing in […]

Are You Over Thinking Meditation?

Jim Rohn Quote

Favorite   The last few years have been spent recovering from a brutally stressful time in my life. Well, a brutally stressful time followed by another, followed by yet another. I have recognized that the common denominator of all this stress was ME. Yup. I was the problem. I caused the most chaos & the […]