The Home Workout Program Women Have Been Waiting For

If you are a women who wants to finally feel good about yourself and are ready to live a life BEYOND DIETING (since you have learned for yourself they kinda make things WORSE), I invite you to explore the MindFit Mentorship where I give you the guidance that allows you to embrace progress, not perfection as you build the body and life you've always wanted.

RealFit Workouts with Dana Lee Now Included in The MindFit Mentorship

No Fake Fitness

Fit happens when you find fun workouts that keep you coming back for more. has personality, expert guidance and the reality factor. F-bombs, women of all shapes & sizes and NO polished "fake-feeling" videos. You'll feel like you are in studio with us and more importantly, you'll be inspired to be your best.

Be Kinder to Yourself

Dana Lee helps you change how you talk to yourself and how you treat yourself in your everyday life, beyond your workouts. weaves in mindset training to so you stop beating yourself up, start letting go of the guilt for putting yourself first, and finally make working out consistently a healthy part of your healthy life with boundaries in place.

FUCK Dieting.

If you are over the diet talk, you will love RealFit. We believe women are capable of being so much MORE, and that means letting go of the talk about rules, restriction, deprivation and how to become LESS. We say, FUCK THAT SHIT. At RealFit you will heal your relationship with food, but moreso, heal the relationship you have with YOURSELF.

Take Me to The Mentorship ~ I Want to Learn How to Be Fit Without the Self-Hate!

Lift with me LIVE on Zoom Mondays & Wednesdays

12pm EST / 9am PST

Can't make it LIVE? We have a whole library of recorded replays!
...This INCLUDES all of the workouts and weekly mindset coaching videos.

It's truly an INCREDIBLE value for the attention you receive, access to an expert trainer and support from other women on a similar journey.

Included in the MindFit Mentorship

YouTube Was Free, 
But The Cost Was High 

"Over the years, I've completed several popular at-home plans and none of them changed my body like I hoped so, right before I joined RealFit, I was following different trainers on YouTube and FB but struggling to find workouts that kept me interested and challenged. I was a COMPLETE cardio queen but would strength train a couple of times per month just to say I did! 😯 Dana totally flipped that script on me and, as a result, I'm feeling stronger, tighter through the core, my stamina has increased and my booty is AMAZING!!" 

~ Shelby Thomas-Benton
Member since 2015

Perfect Fit For Her Busy Schedule

"Have met Dana and the gang in real life. They are who they say they are - its for REAL. And because of that, I've been a member for years! I love the variety, the fun we all have when working out, & the motivation you all give me. I can workout at home, when I want - it fits into my schedule, which is very busy!" 

~ Joanne Keen
Ontario, Canada
Member since 2014

The Workouts Included in the MindFit Mentorship...

HIIT Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training workouts range from 15-30 minutes and use minimal equipment, so most can be done anywhere.


Kickboxing workouts are among the most popular on RealFit & range from 30-60 minutes. Weighted gloves optional & so is a heavy bag!


In 30 minutes a session, you will condition your entire body with built-in cardio components. Minimal time, maximum results.


No bells & whistles around here! Get a super fun spin workout set to killer music where you compete only with yourself as you ride your heart out!


The ultimate compliment to all workouts! You will find a variety of vinyasa & interval style flows to improve joint mobility and lengthen muscles.

Mash Ups

A little kickboxing. A bit of lifting. A dose of HIIT... These are RealFitter favorites! We cover all the bases and you get the ultimate in variety.

Live Streams

Tune in face to face with RealFit live streams. You get to workout with each other as Dana Lee leads & coaches you in REAL time. Replays available!


Although Dana Lee no longer adds NEW step workouts to the site anymore, you get to tap into the archive or cue up other instructors!

Programs to Follow

Sometimes it's nice to just be TOLD what to do. I got your back. You'll be able to follow full workout programs ranging from 4 to 12 weeks.

Private Group

Connect directly with Dana Lee & your fellow RealFitters in a private facebook forum that is member's only & includes special coaching videos.

Cooking Tutorials

Dana Lee's sister Amanda brings you smoothies, breakfast ideas, lunches, dinners, appetizers & snacks for families looking to cook healthy & simply.

Mindset Coaching

Dana Lee explores various topics to push the boundaries of your thinking so you are constantly learning & growing.


Her Strength Is Showing & She's Never Turning Back

"I workout at home. I love not having to get ready to go to the gym! In the amount of time it would take me to get there I already have a workout done. I can pick different workouts depending on my mood and energy level. I have been at a plateau for years before joining RealFit, and I was what you call a "cardio junkie". I have learned the importance of strength training in the proper way and my body shows it."

~ Susan Mercer
Member since 2016

She's Never Bored!

"RealFit lives up to its name, it's real. Dana Lee's workouts are for real people, no matter what skill level. They are workouts that you can do without getting bored! In the videos, she is ACTUALLY working out with us, she sweats, she swears, she lifts what you'd really lift. I love working out from home, I love the variety, I love the challenge, and I love your encouraging, uplifting spirit." 

~ Esther Thompson
Alberta, Canada
Member since 2014

She Speaks My Language

"Joining RealFit has affirmed the belief that it is not just lifting or cardio, but a smart combination of both! As an east coast transplant to the west it is refreshing to me to be instructed my someone who speaks my language." 

~ Lori Wallen Reidel
Member since 2014

This pic was taken when Dana stopped by to meet up IRL during a trip out to Arizona to visit with her friends

A Portion of Every
RealFit Sale Goes to
The Ocean Clean Up Project

At RealFit, we care about the environment and the impacts of consumerism. Every month a portion of RealFit sales goes to cleaning up the plastic from our beautiful oceans.

Learn About The Ocean Clean Up
No More Shoulding On Herself
"Before RealFit, I was overtraining and obsessively counting calories. Now I'm learning to love my body for all it can do and I'm relishing in how STRONG I am! There are no shoulds. There is no one size fits all approach. It's about progress NOT perfection."

~ Becca Swanger 
Philedelphia, PA
Member since 2015

(from left, Anna Motuz, Becca Swanger, Dana Lee & Crystal Kirby at a meet-up in Philly, Summer 2018)

Workouts She Can Identify With

"With RealFit, I'm not staring at a bunch of sweaty, practically bare naked people jumping up & down who I can't identify with. Dana does one-take workouts, so it's just like being in a gym with the gals but BETTER because she's hysterical and REAL. She messes up, wind screens go flying across the room, people trip AND you get a killer workout to boot. She educates you on how to be the most fit you can be by teaching a complete approach to fitness. I've met this chick in real life & she's the real deal!" 

~ Robin Dunnigan
Member since 2016

Pic was taken at a Stone Temple Pilots concert when Robin drove up to Jersey to meet Dana IRL 

No Fancy Fitness Models

"Real Fit is the real deal! Its Real People like you and I doing the workouts with no fancy fitness models! RealFit is a worth so much to me as I live in the middle of no where and to have new classes added all the time is way worth it! (on top of the hundreds in the library) I love that I am able to do it whenever I can fit it in my day." 

~ Julie Wirsing
Member since 2017

Who's Dana Lee?

My name is Dana Lee Chapman and I'm a fitness & mindset coach for women that want to feel good in their bodies and finally live with freedom from dieting so they can get on to lead the life they've always wanted for themselves.

My mission is to support you on your journey of becoming a badass.

My favorite thing ever is seeing the lightbulb go off when you realize that it is possible to be able to do the things you have always dreamed of doing without the negative self-talk putting a limitation on what's possible for your life. Maybe because I was also once stuck in my ways unable to see the end of a tunnel.

I'm known for my "no BS" teaching approach of combining various workout methods and mindset training. But what keeps people coming back again & again to my online workouts and enrolling in my mindset program?

I help you cut through the clutter and remove the obstacles so that you can get to your goals in the most effective way possible.

Less time struggling = more life being lived.

I can't wait to help you put an end to the self-defeating thoughts & behaviors and enter the world of badassery!

When I am not filming workouts for the site or coaching clients on mindset, I am either riding motorcycles with my husband Steve, practicing handstands in yoga, or hanging with a good friend having great conversation over a delicious cuppa coffee.
I also advocate for children in foster care as the role of a CASA in the county of Passaic, NJ.