The RealFit Real Easy Home Workout Program

Are you looking for a program to ease your muscles and joints back into action after significant time off of working out? Look no further!

You Are In The Right Place If...

  • Back in the day, you were a regular exerciser  

  • Life has gotten in the way and taken you off-track from taking care of yourself like you used to

  • You often put yourself on the back-burner, putting everyone else's needs before your own

  • You recognize that putting everyone else before you is not sustainable and you are ready & willing to do something different

  • You are exhausted from our diet culture and want to be part of a community that doesn't count calories or points and instead, focused on being as healthy as possible, regardless of weight.

  • You value your family tremendously and are recognizing that when you take care of YOU, EVERYONE benefits! 

  • You are ready to let go of trying to be perfect and instead, adopt a "practice makes possible" mentality

  • You want to have a zest for life again!

Real FIT 💪 Real Easy

Here are 5 things to know so you can get the most out of our time together.

This 4 week ease-into-it workout program is designed for you to have some structure and guidance as you wake up your joints and muscles for movement again, especially if you have taken significant time off since your last regular workout routine.
The program is laid out week by week, workout by workout in a certain sequence, and is designed as a GUIDELINE for you to have direction for what to do next as you allow your body to rest and recover, minimize the soreness AND be willing to change and adapt to your changing schedule depending on how you are feeling from week to week. Our motto 'round here is "progress not perfection." 
Did you know that your ultimate success begins with your mindset?
"Mindset" refers to a way of thinking, or a set of attitudes that drive you to do (or NOT do) what you do!
And that is why every week in our 4-week journey together, we begin with a "Mindset Monday" message, so you can begin up-leveling your thinking, as you are working on taking more consistent care of your body.
Here are 5 things you need to know so that you get the most out of this program:

#1 ~ Put It In Your Calendar

This does not mean that you need to accomplish all 5 workouts for every single week!
In fact, I encourage rest days and you have my permission to take walks or other breaks in between (more on that in #4)
Especially if you are super sore. Your body is the most active in repair & recovery on your days off, or on the days you have gentle movement like walking, a gentle yoga practice, swimming or doing something playful (just for fun! not always for exercise) 

#2 ~ Strength Training Is IN, Cardio Is OUT

I understand if you have been taught to believe that cardio is the method of fitness that is most important for weight loss. It's a message I've seen pumped through the media for years.
However, that is not why you become a part of RealFit.
You are here for the most fun AND effective training.
You are here for the REAL truth- the science and the facts about how your body best responds to exercise. After over 2 decades as an expert in this field, I can no longer condone straight up cardio as the method for peak health or the best for overall body conditioning and vitality.
Strength training (especially integrated with interval training) is an investment in your health for weeks, months & years to come.
Cardio training is overrated, because the benefits are really just for today. (if you LOVE certain cardio workouts, then do them for the joy of it, rather than for the calorie burn part of it) 
Building muscle is an essential part of the equation to build healthy metabolism and balance your hormones naturally.
If you are strength training properly, it IS cardio AND it will build the strength of your joints, such as your hips, knees & ankles.
So, rest assured, that's how we do it RealFit style. 
Here's how the coming weeks will look:
Mindset Message of the Week
Workout #1 = Simple Stretch & Foam Roll
Workout #2 = Easy-Does-It Strength Workout
Workout #3 = Stretch Routine
Workout #4 = Easy-Does-It Strength Workout
Workout #5 = BONUS: Yoga Flow

#3 ~ How We Mitigate Soreness

This program is designed for you to get reacquainted with how your body feels before, during and after movement especially after some significant time off from working out.
Part of "after" movement can, but doesn't have to, include some soreness.
Here are 3 ways to be sure you don't feel so sore that you have a hard time doing the next workout in the line-up for the week:
1. Take active rest days - yoga, hike, walk, swim, zumba, gentle movement or a full day of rest
2. Stay hydrated
3. Foam roll & stretch (included in program)
Proper amount of sleep at night will also aid in the body's ability to recover.

#4 ~ Equipment You'll Need


A pair of 5's & 8's (or whatever you have) to get you started

Purchase on Amazon

Resistance Tubes

A light & medium weight tube will be needed by the 2nd week.

Purchase on Amazon

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be used for yoga, stretching & floor exercises.

Purchase on Amazon

Foam Roller

A (soft) foam roller is used to help ease muscle soreness.

Purchase on Amazon

#5 ~ What to Do After The 4 Weeks

1) Repeat it over from the beginning! Do another 4 weeks, starting again from week #1.
2) Upgrade to All Access & use the structure of the "Strength - cardio/flexibility - strength - cardio/flexibility - strength" pattern along with rest days, walking & other fun activities for you to go into the RealFit library & pull out some new workouts to try in other categories too, like kickboxing, HIIT & ride (if you've got a spin bike at home)
There are oodles in the All Access area if you want to try something new OR perhaps there are ones you'd like to repeat (kinda like ordering the same thing on a menu when you know it's a favorite). Either way, you can't fail!
3) Move onto a new 6 week workout plan! Upgrade to RealFit All Access where ALL the program are included:
  • RealFit Real Motivated 6 Week Spin Program
  • RealFit Real Badass 6 Week Kickboxing Program
  • RealFit Real Defined 6 Week Strength Program
  • RealFit Real Lean 6 Week HIIT Program
No matter which option you choose, you can't go wrong!
Remember to comment under the videos and ask me questions or submit requests - I am here to help support you. Be sure to also let us know if you are having as much fun as me & the MissFits are!

This Is A Total Health Approach,
It's Not Just About Dieting

"This program is the real deal. No gimmicks. Just the straight goods. Other programs were very diet specific whereas this site promotes total body health as your choice. Dana affords me the ability to make choices that benefit me. Every achievement is as good for her as it is for me. Dana cares about all aspects of health. Mind, body, and soul."

~ Teri Marcotte

Here's The Line Up For Each Week...

RealFit Real Easy Week #1

Mindset Message

3 Ways to Start Expanding Your Comfort Zone (Experience Less Struggle)

Monday: Foam Roll

Simple Stretch & Foam Roll
The perfect start as you ease into this 4 week program.

Tuesday: Strength

Lift On The Lighter Side
Feel good at the very start with this standing strength routine.

Wednesday: Stretch

20 Minute Tension Tamer
is perfect to ease your muscles from the previous routine.

Thursday: Strength

Easy On The Knees
is an awesome total body routine that is mindful of your joints and yet, includes a solid leg workout.

Bonus: Yoga

Yoga Basics
Yoga is the ultimate complement to life! It stretches and strengthens, lifts and lengthens.

"Dana is like a workout Buddha. She is able to make me believe I can do anything. She seems to be more of a motivating friend than a trainer. Words honestly can't describe how inspiring Dana Lee is!"

Nick Markert
New Jersey

RealFit Real Easy Week #2

Mindset Message

Overcoming the "Why Bother" & "All or Nothing" Mentality

Monday: Foam Roll

Simple Stretch & Foam Roll
Time to revisit this from week #1. Foam rolling is a staple.

Tuesday: Strength

Rockin' Out With Resistance 
30 Min workout that uses tubes for total body conditioning.

Wednesday: Stretch

20 Minute Tension Tamer
is perfect to ease your muscles from the previous routine.

Thursday: Strength

Steady As She Goes
This is a fun head to toe routine that goes slow and steady.


Release & Restore Your Hips
This is the perfect nourishment for your body to recover.

"I don't last the distance with other programs which are 12 wks etc, I get bored. I hadn't come across anything Like RealFit before, which is why I jumped on board as I knew I'd get my $ worth! Before RealFit I was fitting in my own workouts at home off YouTube and old workout programs. Dana's workouts are filled of variety, fun, and educational and are the type of workouts I love. RealFit has helped me be better at mentally accepting of myself and my workout needs, more is not necessarily better, but the answer is to working out smarter."

Julie Snell

RealFit Real Easy Week #3

Mindset Message

Learning to Listen to the "I Can Do This" Voice" vs "No I Can't"

Monday: Foam Roll

Simple Stretch & Foam Roll
Here, the body opens up even more from this familiar routine

Tuesday: Strength

Back to Strength 
Knowing the basics will help you build a strong foundation.

Wednesday: Stretch

20 Minute Tension Tamer
is perfect to ease your muscles from yesterday's workout.

Thursday: Strength

Lunge HIIT Pull It
A fun 20 min workout that uses tubes for arms & lunges for legs.


Intro to Yin Yoga
This yoga practice is especially nurturing for your joints.

"RealFit is different because it's realistic! It never feels like a cheesy workout site/program that you would find on a late night infomercial. Dana and her team are honest, hard working, and truly inspirational. The workouts are effective and not complicated (except maybe some step videos..but I'm just super uncoordinated with choreography haha). I never feel out of place or like I'm not capable of doing the workouts. I've tried other at-home programs, and I never stuck with them for more than a few months because I got bored and wasn't seeing the results they "promised." I always hated gyms because I felt like I was comparing myself to everyone else there and not focusing on myself enough. I love that I don't have to leave my living room to get a whole body/mind workout."

Allison Sassano

RealFit Real Easy Week #4

Mindset Message

Redefining What Consistency Means In Your Life

Monday: Foam Roll

Simple Stretch & Foam Roll
4th week practicing this foam roll and stretch routine.

Tuesday: Strength

DEFinition to the Core 
Core focused strength routine that uses dumbbells OR barbells 

Wednesday: Stretch

20 Minute Tension Tamer
is perfect to ease your muscles from the previous routine.

Thursday: Kickbox

Kick HIIT Circuit
No coordination needed for this fun way to get the heart rate up.


Short & Sweet
This 30 min practice provides the perfect dose of poses.

Now that you’ve found RealFit ~ Your life, your body & your home fitness routine is about to get a helluva lot simpler, fiercely more fun & get you on a sustainable path that starts from the inside, out.

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Includes The 4-week RealFit
Real Easy Program for FREE

Additional 6-Week Programs to Follow

450+ Fiercely Fun Workouts 

New Workouts Added Every Month

Monthly Live Stream Workouts
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Weekly Mindset Videos 

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Renews Every Month Unless You Decide to Cancel





Designed to Help you Ease Into Exercise Over a 4 Week Period

Fiercely Fun Workouts That Keep You From Getting Bored & Ease The Soreness Factor

This Program Encourages 
"Progress Not Perfection"

Mindset Videos to Get Each Week Started On The Right Track 





Includes The 4-week RealFit 
Real Easy Program for FREE

Additional 6-Week Programs to Follow

450+ Fiercely Fun Workouts 

New Workouts Added Every Month

Monthly Live Stream Workouts
(Face to Face via Video)

Weekly Mindset Videos 

Cooking Videos 

Private Facebook Group

Renews Every 6 Months Unless You Decide to Cancel


A Portion of Every Sale Goes to The Ocean Clean Up Project

At RealFit, we care about the environment and the impacts of consumerism. Every month a portion of RealFit sales goes to cleaning up the plastic from our beautiful oceans.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can share a login...

However, keep in mind that your login will only have 1 profile, so when you mark a video as "complete", it may not be at the same pace your partner is at with his/her workout program.

In other words, it will throw off your "completion" tracking.

The workouts in the RealFit Real Easy 4 Week Program are only available for streaming because of the music licensing agreement that we have in place that enables us to use original artists.

However, there are a handful of workouts for traveling that you can download to any device and use without nee for an internet connection.

Each video is around 30 minutes, however, as you learn once you get started, you are able to to the warm up, part of the workout, then skip to the cool down & stretch. In those cases, your workout may only be 15-20 minutes.

Never cut out the warm up or the cool down. These are essential parts of the program that help you minimize soreness and stiffness.

Who's Dana Lee?

 Dana Lee began her fitness career in 1994 when step was all the rage & group fitness was on the rise. After the gym industry pissed her off, she decided to open Evolution Health & Fitness in 2008; a boutique fitness studio, the first of its kind in New Jersey. If you remember correctly, 2008 was the year the market tanked, and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. - an online version of kick-ass studio workouts for at-home exercisers - was born shortly thereafter. In fact, you may know Dana Lee from YouTube where it all began back in 2012. Altho she no longer posts new workouts on YouTube, you can get an ever BETTER workout experience with awesome music, dynamic & creative content, & support all on 💪

When Dana Lee is not filming workouts for the site, she is either riding motorcycles with her husband Steve, practicing handstands in yoga, or hanging with a good friend having great conversation over a delicious cuppa coffee ☕️#havecoffeewilltravel #realfitonthego
She also advocates for children in foster care as the role of a CASA in the county of Passaic, NJ.


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