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The Roadmap to 

Food Freedom with Dana Lee

 Learn how to trust yourself around food, view your body in a new way, and plan your future as the woman you want to be in this 3-part series.

What Women Are Saying
About This

Awesome Training

Stacey K.

Such a FUN experience!! I felt the joy bubbling up from within!! I wanted a better relationship with food, and now I have a better relationship with myself.

Julia B.

I trust you completely and I just met you this week. I feel more hopeful. When I wrote my initial intention it seemed unrealistic to achieve. I am optimistic now!

Ellen M.

I am so grateful to have joined you for this event. You are wonderful & inspiring and your personality just shines. I feel a bit better about myself already. Thank you, Dana Lee!

This workshop

Is perfect for you if

👉  You have followed (or are still following) weight watchers, atkins, keto, vegan, intermittent fasting, counted calories or macros, yet no matter what you try cannot seem to ultimately stick to the plan or get real answers on how to trust/control yourself around food. (Because you cannot get emotional and mental needs met with a physical diet and we will talk about that in this training.)

👉  When you look back, you most likely have a memory of your first diet before the age of 12.

👉 You grew up being told you should go on a diet or you "better not put any weight on" and this has lead to a lifetime of food fear and weight gain and loss and gaining MORE every time.

👉 You put a lot of weight into the number on the scale and can correlate feeling "happy" with weight loss vs. feeling "less-than" with weight gain, but you desperately want the emotional and weight roller coaster to end. It's too exhausting and depressing.

👉  Have recently decided to try (or are thinking about trying) one of the weight loss injectables marketed for diabetics. (We will talk about who this is good for -again, no shame here. All are welcome to participate so they can get the mental and emotional support in the process)

👉 You KNOW what's healthy regarding food and exercise, but can't seem to follow through for more than a few weeks (at best) and instead, you feel shame when you fall off the wagon or gain the weight back. (this event is perfect for you - you are welcome here and will discover many women's experiences are so similar, yet not openly talked about.)

👉 You try and put something on the calendar for yourself, but feel guilty or bad about it when the time comes and you find out you are needed by someone in your family.

👉 You are upset with yourself because you go to food, drinking wine, and shopping to numb out, fix your feelings, and avoid dealing with all of the above, yet you don't know how to stop doing it. (This workshop will show you what's really going on so you can find other, healthier coping mechanisms)


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Tuesday, Sept. 12th
2pm ET / 11am PT

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Friday, Sept. 15th
2pm ET / 11am PT

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Tuesday, Sept. 19th
2pm ET / 11am PT

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Takeaways From

This Training

Rachel M.

I wanted to be and feel healthy in a way that is best for me and not as dictated by diet culture or anyone else. Now I have the belief that I can be and do so much more!

Deb M.

My intention was to lighten up. Yes I'm lighter and clearer and more awake!


Susan M.

After day 5 I felt better going to gym this morning, like it wasn't as much of a chore as I've thought it was before!