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At you receive top-notch teaching, coaching & guidance from local passionate and dedicated fit pros for the ultimate follow-along home workout and wellness program.

We are here to meet you where you are at, get to know you personally, and show you the next steps on your journey to living a fullfilling, healthy & happy life.

Whether you love to get out the anger & aggression in kickboxing, you are seeking yoga that nurtures your body, mind & spirit, you appreciate the mindful techniques of pilates and barre classes, or you are a die-hard music buff who likes to sweat it out on their spin bike, delivers something for YOU no matter your mood that day, your fitness level or your preferred workout format.

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Find Lasting Inspiration

Learn About Inspired Fitness with Aimee

Crush It In Your Workouts

Learn About Crushin' Your Workouts with Colleen

Find JOY in Your Workouts

Learn About TIME for JOY with Joy Layher

Big Girls Can B-FIT Girls

Learn About B-FIT Women's Fitness with Barbara

Pain Free Workouts

Learn How Movement is the Answer with Tracy

Honor Your Unique Journey

Learn About The Essential Journey with Sara

Dana Lee Workouts are Now Exclusively Offered as Part of her MindFit Mentorship Program for Women

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End Obsessive Thoughts About Eating by Adopting These 25 Mindset Mantras👇

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When You've Tried It All...
& The Only Thing Left Is Mindset Work

If you are in a place of feeling exhausted with dieting, have a love-hate relationship with exercising, are sick and tired of hating on yourself and you need this anguish to stop, I have good news for you:

You are ready for REAL & LASTING change and I have formula that makes breaking free FUN and EASY for my clients, not arduous or painful.

There are droves of women who are coming to the realization that there IS a better way... you are right to think that there is more to life than this. THERE IS!

Learn More About Why Mindset Work Is Your Next Step

10 Steps to Change Your Mindset for GOOD 

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