Includes Kickboxing, Heavy Bag, Yoga, HIIT, Fascial Stretch & More!

Home Workouts That Give You Plenty of TIME for JOY!

I have partnered with Dana Lee at to give my local studio-goers an opportunity to do my pilates, barre, strength & indoor cycling workouts from home!

I invite you to try TIME for JOY for 14 days for $1!

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No Fake Fitness

Fit happens when you can find JOY in your workouts because that is what will keeps women coming back for more. All the instructors at bring personality, expert guidance and the reality factor. You'll see people of all shapes & sizes and NO polished "fake-feeling" videos. You'll feel like you are in studio with us and more importantly, you'll feel good about yourself as you improve.

Be Kinder to Yourself

Wanting to change how you talk to yourself and how you treat yourself in your everyday life, even beyond your workouts? You've come to the right place. Joy lifts you higher, so you stop beating yourself up, start letting go of the guilt for putting yourself first, and finally make working out consistently a healthy part of your healthy life with boundaries in place.

Develop New Friendships

Your time is precious and who you spend it with matters. Being a member of TIME for JOY means you have the opportunity to cultivate new relationships with like-minded women who know the challenges of life, but refuse to be defined by them. This site is way more than fitness! It's a place for you to be YOU and develop lasting and meaningful friendships beyond the workouts.

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Who's Joy Layher?

I was raised on a dairy farm in Michigan and basically grew up "outdoors!" That upbringing instilled in my blood and soul a LOVE and PASSION for the outdoors and being super active and my focus has never changed!  I'm a HUGE fanatic when it comes to anything active; cycling, hiking, kayaking, skiing or just hanging on the beach. When I quit Corporate America in 2003, I started my Fitness career as an Instructor teaching at a multitude of gyms and studios in the Northern NJ area. I have taught all class formats, been a Personal Trainer, freelanced and even worked at 9 different gym a week at one point! Over the last 7 years of my life I've experienced the trials and tribulations of a divorce, uprooting my two children and moving 5 times; all while working multiple fitness jobs, bartending and waitressing, all at the same time. Life has been challenging and a struggle at times; but my focus, commitment and determination has always stayed intact by maintaining my fitness routine.  I LOVE being able to inspire, motivate, challenge and help individuals grow in their fitness journeys whether it be physical, mental or just some support and encouragement! Along the way, I have found many amazing and beautiful friendships that have made my personal journey even better .....proof that making TIME for JOY is the glue that makes it all work! Thank you and I am looking so forward to working out with you!! 😅

Joy Is Her GO-TO Instructor 

"I have known Joy for many years now both taking her Pilates classes and doing Personal Training sessions with her weekly. I have to say she literary CHANGED MY LIFE and the way now look at exercise. She is NOT your typical instructor, as she really knows her "stuff" and knows how to target each and every muscle in your body. She has taught me about proper form, technique and posture that plays a huge role in targeting and working out your muscles effectively and for the best benefit. So much of this I didn't know from "working out" for years at the gym by myself or with other instructors. As a busy Mom of 3 kids, husband and home; Joy has helped my body make it through the day!! From Pilates to cardio, strength training and cycling, Joy is your "GO TO" instructor. Once you workout with her, you will know what I’m talking about (and now we are really GREAT friends too!)"

~ Jay Mahafzah
Wayne, NJ

Your 14 Day Trial Includes...

with Joy Layher

Both strength training workouts and cardio intensive cycling workouts that are effective and full of spunk & fun.

with Joy Layher

Mat pilates fused with effective barre training that leaves you feeling happy and accomplished every time.

Private Group

Connect with Joy directly as you get to know each other & meet members on a their journey to more JOY too!

with JOY

Chat live with JOY via ZOOM where we have fun conversations, Q & A, wine & whine... & more w(h)ine...

with JOY

Weekly zoom workouts that hold you accountable, keep you connected with each other & receive guidance from Joy.

HIIT Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training workouts range from 15-30 minutes and use minimal equipment, so most can be done anywhere.


Kickboxing workouts are among the most popular on RealFit & range from 30-60 minutes. Weighted gloves optional & so is a heavy bag!


In 30 minutes a session, you will condition your entire body with built-in cardio components. Minimal time, maximum results.


No bells & whistles around here! Get a super fun spin workout set to killer music where you compete only with yourself as you ride your heart out!


The ultimate compliment to all workouts! You will find a variety of vinyasa & interval style flows to improve joint mobility and lengthen muscles.

Mash Ups

A little kickboxing. A bit of lifting. A dose of HIIT... These are RealFitter favorites! We cover all the bases and you get the ultimate in variety.


Although Dana Lee no longer adds NEW step workouts to the site anymore, you get to tap into the archive or cue up other instructors!

From Gym to Virtual Training, Joy Will Kick Your A$$ & You'll Love Her For It

"I belonged to one of those big gym franchises for years but never felt motivated to push myself, never felt that I wanted to be there. SO BORING!! Then two years ago I met Joy as one of my Pilates instructors and quickly learned that she is a FORCE OF FITNESS!

Joy’s classes quickly became a favorite of mine because she makes you want to be there. I usually took 2 of her classes in a row! Double the JOY and Stack & Stay! Talk about a workout? She mixes it up to keep it fun. We laugh, we talk, she loses count (really, every class) and before you know it your workout is done!

When my local studio was closed due to the pandemic, I feared that all the progress I made over the past 2 years would be lost. Not so! I have been following Joy on FB Live from the beginning and haven’t missed a beat.

Whether it is in person or a virtual workout, she can kick your A$$ and you will love her for it! Now that she is including “TIME for JOY” on Realfit TV you know I will be there too. Can’t wait!"

~ Wendy Backman
(pictured with her workout buddy, Bode)
Oakland, NJ

Perfect Dose of Motivation, Energy & Enthusiasm 

"I have known and been attending Joy’s Spinning, Pilates, Core Training and Total Body Workout classes for over 5 Years.   She has literally transformed my body!! I love that Joy takes the time to choreograph her own workouts to change it up for us week after week and to focus on different parts of our body.  I love the motivation, energy and enthusiasm of Joy’s classes and after every class I feel fully energized to start my day. Joy is MY inspiration and I wish I had her energy, strength and enthusiasm!" 

May Chromey
Rockaway, NJ

A Workout Program That
Goes & Grows WITH You

There is a reason members of stick around for years. It's a program that evolves WITH you. It will allow you to push yourself when you are in the season of focus & strength, then allows room for you to shift gears and take a more rested, gentle approach when other things in life must take precedence. RealFit is always there and ready, no matter where you are, no matter what your mood and for that, we'd love for you to have a part of your life taken care of! No need to keep searching for other fitness programs & solutions. That alone is exhausting and a big time suck. Check this off your list and get started today.

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Fun Way She Got Into Shape

"Over the last 2 years I have had the "joy" of spending most of my Wednesday and Friday mornings with Joy! Her creative and challenging classes will keep you coming back for more. Keeping you on your toes with no two classes the same, whether it's a HIIT class, Pilates Flow, Reformer or TRX, Joy's ability to make an hour fly by and your muscles burn each minute simultaneously lead to undeniable results! If you're looking for a fun way to get in shape and up for the challenge I highly recommend adding a little Joy to your life!"

~ Lauren Eckert
Pompton Plains, NJ


A Portion of Every
TIME for JOY Sale Goes to
Communitas International

At TIME for JOY we care about doing our part in humanitarian service and evangelism in urban areas and underserved communities. Communitas International's vision is to see entire nation's influenced through the gospel. They are normal people with an extraordinary sense of purpose. 

Learn About Communitas International

Now is the Time!

"A couple of years ago I was feeling frustrated with myself. I gained some weight, felt sluggish and was achy from arthritis. I was eating like crap and not working out very much. I belonged to a gym but was inconsistent with going.

I decided to change my eating habits and made a commitment to get to the gym. From then on, every Monday morning was “Time for Joy” that started taking Joy’s 45 minute Spin class and then staying for her Pilates class as well. To say this started my week out on a positive note is an understatement! Joy made me want to get to the gym every morning.  She pushed me each week to be the best version of me and helped motivate me to get into a routine and stick with it!!!  

I lost 15 pounds and felt great! I’ve managed to keep the weight off now for two years and I feel so much better that even my joint pain is much less thanks to a better diet and continued exercise.  I had to take a break earlier this year due to an injury and then Covid-19 hit.

Fortunately for me, Joy reached out to offer FB LIVE online classes while all of the gyms have been closed. EVERY Monday-Friday for the last few months, I have been able to keep to my workout routine thanks to Joy.

She continues to engage, motivate and encourage everyone who is working out with her. If you are looking for the right time to start a new exercise plan or try out a new instructor, now is the time… TIME FOR JOY!"

~Kiki Sasso
Caldwell, NJ

A Fitness Program on YOUR Terms

Gone are the days of wasting time or money on going to a gym with classes that don't fit your schedule. Or, if they do, the class isn't what you really want and the instructors is... meh. RealFit brings studio-style workouts with a dose of personality and laughter with the perfect balance of expert guidance. You choose the workout you want to do when you want to do it with the instructor you love the most. RealFit on YOUR terms.

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