"I've Got It All Under Control. I Just Want Kick-Ass Workouts!"

Perfect! Then this is for especially for you:

Mix and Match your favorite workouts with our RealFit FitPicks.

This option allows you to pick and choose the categories you want at $15/month each. Choose from: Ride, Kick & Box, Strength, & HIIT.

Customize your own fitness program designed specifically for women to train in the most effective, fat-burning, confidence-boosting way possible. 


Included with all RealFit FitPicks Categories:

  • You get access to our Mash Ups, Yoga, & Live Stream Replay Categories for FREE with any FitPick you choose!
  • You can jump on LIVE to our monthly Live Stream Workouts
  • You are invited into our private, members-only Facebook group. Come be a part of the conversation!

RealFit Ride

  • 60+ full length workouts
  • Playlists include a variety of mainstream music - No canned, cheesy songs and we take requests! 
  • Rhythm rider style - letting the music guide the ride
  • Videos range from 30 - 60 minutes
  • Spintervals add the element of strength to your ride - find a ride that fits your needs
  • Each video focuses on proper alignment and breath so you get the most out of each ride
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RealFit Kick & Box

  • 50+ full length workouts

  • Video options include: cardio, heavy bag, and strength intervals

  • Simple, easy to follow combinations that keep you challenged!

  • Expert coaching in each video helps improve form, coordination, and speed of execution - all WILL improve!

  • Fast paced, but not too fast - the goal is to fully and properly execute each move to get more out of each workout while maintaining a good heart pump!

  • All workouts are put together for optimal fat burning and a scorching calorie burn

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RealFit Strength

  • 40+ full length workouts
  • Awesome, inspirational music that is current and from wide a variety of musical genres 
  • Workouts use dumbbells, bodyweight, TRX, and/or Bosu
  • Videos are all around 30 minutes - workout smarter, not longer
  • Each workout is designed for maximum efficiency and optimal results!  
  • All workouts are put together for optimal fat burning and a scorching calorie burn
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RealFit HIIT

  • 95+ full length workouts
  • Upbeat, mainstream music to keep you inspired and pushing through until the end
  • Workouts range from 15 to 45 minutes, choose what fits your schedule
  • Some cardio-focused workouts, some strength-focused - all efficient and effective
  • Organized into 4 categories: Low-Impact Interval Training, Bodyweight Training (no Equipment), Training with Props (Dumbbells, Balls, Blocks, etc), Strength
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