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I'm a busy mom of 4 now and work full time outside the home so making time to go to the gym was not possible where I also felt I could still spend time with my family, so I get all of that and more with RealFit. I can get up early or squeeze a workout in at naptime. Now I'm 2 weeks postpartum with baby #4 and itching to ease back into my workouts (when doctor gives the okay) because I miss them and the encouragement from Dana but I also know that I have to be flexible and cut myself some slack taking care of a new baby as well as rest of the family and that is okay, I will still be able to achieve my goals.

Andrea N.

RealFit focuses on overall health-mind, body and soul! It’s not about a number on a scale or comparing yourself to others.

Before I joined, I used to go the gym, get on a treadmill and count the minutes until I could go home. I was unhappy with my body and frequently had negative self talk. Now, I feel so strong! I am in the best shape of my life and love what I see in the mirror. The flexibility and variety of workouts available through have been the biggest factor in my success..

Sara E.

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Subscribe to Step
  • 45+ full length workouts with new ones added the fourth Tuesday of every month
  • Simple to follow choreography, anyone can do it!
  • Upbeat music to keep you inspired and pushing through until the end
  • Workouts range from 20 to 60 minutes, choose what fits your schedule
  • A variety of step options including cardio, strength, balance, & coordination
  • These simple & effective step routines are designed to torch calories and incinerate fat
Subscribe to Ride
  • 60+ full length workouts with new ones added the first Tuesday of every month
  • Playlists include a variety of mainstream music - No canned, cheesy songs and we take requests!
  • Rhythm rider style - letting the music guide the ride
  • Videos range from 30 - 60 minutes & Spintervals add the element of strength to your ride - find a ride that fits your needs
  • Each video focuses on proper alignment and breath so you get the most out of each ride
  • Every ride is designed to maximize calorie burn and accelerate fat loss
Subscribe to Kick & Box
  • 50+ full length workouts with new ones added the second Tuesday of every month
  • A variety of kickboxing video options available including cardio, heavybag, and strength intervals - you choose what you feel like that day
  • Simple & easy to follow combinations - but don't let that fool you - these workouts are a real challenge!
  • Expert coaching in each video helps you improve form, coordination, and speed of execution - Your combinations WILL improve!
  • Fast paced, but not too fast - the goal is to fully and properly execute each move to get more out of each workout, but don't worry, these routines will get your heart pumping!
  • All workouts are put together for optimal fat burning and a scorching calorie burn
Subscribe to Strength
  • 40+ full length workouts with new ones added the third Tuesday of every month
  • Awesome, inspirational music that is current and from wide a variety of musical genres
  • Workouts use dumbbells, bodyweight, TRX, and/or Bosu
  • Videos are all around 30 minutes - workout smarter, not longer
  • Each workout is designed for maximum efficiency and optimal results
  • All workouts are put together for optimal fat burning and a scorching calorie burn

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RealResults lives up to its name, it's real. Your workouts are for real people, no matter what skill level. They are workouts that you can do without getting bored! In the videos, you are ACTUALLY working out with us, you sweat, you swear, you lift what you'd really lift. I love working out from home, I love the variety, I love the challenge, and I love your encouraging, uplifting spirit.

Esther T.

No gimmicks! It's real training with a real instructor...NOT their publicist telling them what to create, and there is no way you can plateau. I was bored for years with other workouts and my winter training on the bike was boring until I found Dana.

Ellen C.

Don't wait-- act now!  This is the first time we're doing this, and there's no telling when we'll do it again.  Where else  can you get workouts this good for $12.00 per month?!?

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