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75+ Kick & Box workouts

RealFit Real Badass 6-Week Program to Follow

Workout options include: cardio, heavy bag, and strength intervals

Simple, easy to follow combinations that keep you challenged!

Expert coaching in each video helps improve form, coordination, and speed of execution - all WILL improve!

All workouts are put together for an optimal total fit-body approach

We take theme requests!

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75+ Ride workouts

RealFit Real Motivated 6-Week Program to Follow

Playlists include a variety of mainstream music - No canned, cheesy songs and we take requests! 

Rhythm rider style - letting the music guide the ride

Videos range from 30-60 min

Spintervals add the element of strength to your ride - find a ride that fits your needs

Each video focuses on proper alignment and breath so you get the most out of each ride

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75+ Strength workouts

RealFit Real Defined 6-Week Program to Follow

Awesome, inspirational music that is current and from wide a variety of genres 

Workouts use dumbbells, bodyweight, TRX, and/or Bosu

Videos are all around 30 minutes - workout smarter, not longer

Each workout is designed for maximum efficiency and optimal results!  

All workouts are put together for an optimal head to toe workout leaving you stronger every time.

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90+ HIIT workouts

RealFit Real Lean 6-Week Program to Follow

Awesome music selection to keep you inspired and pushing through until the end - your music requests are welcomed!

Workouts range from 20-40 mins, choose what fits your schedule

Some workouts are cardio-focused, & others strength-focused - all efficient and effective

Includes Bodyweight Training & Training with Props (Dumbbells, Balls, Blocks, TRX etc)

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BONUS: Mash Ups

Choose any of the 4 categories above and you receive the added fun of mash ups! These are just as they sound - a mash up of each category, all in one workout!

BONUS: Live Stream Workouts

Choose any of the 4 categories above & you receive the added awesomeness of working out with Dana Lee IRL once a month thru Zoom (free app for your device) 

A Portion of Every Sale Goes to The Ocean Clean Up Project

At RealFit, we care about the environment and the impacts of consumerism. Every month a portion of RealFit sales goes to cleaning up the plastic from our beautiful oceans.


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Who's Dana Lee?

 Dana Lee began her fitness career in 1994 when step was all the rage & group fitness was on the rise. After the gym industry pissed her off, she decided to open Evolution Health & Fitness in 2008; a boutique fitness studio, the first of its kind in New Jersey. If you remember correctly, 2008 was the year the market tanked, and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. - an online version of kick-ass studio workouts for at-home exercisers - was born shortly thereafter. In fact, you may know Dana Lee from YouTube where it all began back in 2012. Altho she no longer posts new workouts on YouTube, you can get an ever BETTER workout experience with awesome music, dynamic & creative content, & support all on 💪

When Dana Lee is not filming workouts for the site, she is either riding motorcycles with her husband Steve, practicing handstands in yoga, or hanging with a good friend having great conversation over a delicious cuppa coffee ☕️#havecoffeewilltravel #realfitonthego
She also advocates for children in foster care as the role of a CASA in the county of Passaic, NJ.


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