Free 5-Day Online Event
October 10-14th 2022

Roadmap to Food Freedom 

At the end of these 5 sessions together, you will have a clear, mapped-out strategy to neutralize food. Food will no longer have power over you or your ability to move forward in your life. If you have battled eating and your weight for decades and are literally FED UP because you have tried it ALL, this event is for YOU!

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Within 5 short training sessions we map out the shortest path possible to ultimate food freedom like never before. You don't want to miss this event!









What Women Are Saying

About This Training

Stacey K.

Such a FUN experience!! I felt the joy bubbling up from within!! I wanted a better relationship with food, and now I have a better relationship with myself.

Julia B.

I trust you completely and I just met you this week. I feel more hopeful. When I wrote my initial intention it seemed unrealistic to achieve. I am optimistic now!

Ellen M.

I am so grateful to have joined you this week. You are wonderful & inspiring and your personality just shines. I feel a bit better about myself already. Thank you, Dana Lee!

In This Free Virtual Training

You Will Discover

Monday, Oct 10th
2pm ET / 11am PT

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Tuesday, Oct 11th
2pm ET / 11am PT

Replays up through Wed, October 19th

Wednesday, Oct 12th
2pm ET / 11am PT

Replays up through Wed, October 19th

Thursday, Oct 13th
2pm ET / 11am PT

Replays up through Wed, October 19th

Friday, Oct 14th
2pm ET / 11am PT

Replays up through Wed, October 19th

This 5-Part Series Is A Must For You If...

👉  You struggle with emotional eating, late night snacking, sugar cravings, binge eating, or restrictive eating, while at the same time loathing your body no matter how much you weigh.

👉  You have tried too many diet plans to count, gone to see a therapist and even read some self-help books, yet nothing seems to truly help heal your relationship with food.

👉 You have struggled for years, if not decades and can see how the behavior has been passed down from your mom, aunt or grandmother. Dieting & being weight conscious is a norm for your family.



Coloring Book Companion

Color along as you go in Dana Lee's personalized playbook! Coloring helps you look at healing your relationship with food in a much, lighter, more child-like and inquisitive way. This approach is super-effective when seeking to communicate solutions to the brain. So get your colored pencils, crayons & markers ready! Once you register you can download and get started doodling right away 🖍



A Personal Invitation From

Dana Lee

This event is not only incredibly fun, but it will also help you see how it's possible to have peanut butter cups, chocolate & ice cream in your house AND trust yourself to not to scarf it all down. Now, THAT is power and freedom over food! If I can live this way after 2 decades of binge eating and food dysfunction. YOU can do it too.


Takeaways From

This Training

Rachel M.

I wanted to be and feel healthy in a way that is best for me and not as dictated by diet culture or anyone else. Now I have the belief that I can be and do so much more!

Deb M.

My intention was to lighten up. Yes I'm lighter and clearer and more awake!


Susan M.

After day 5 I felt better going to gym this morning, like it wasn't as much of a chore as I've thought it was before!