Includes Kickboxing, Heavy Bag, Strength Workouts, Yoga, HIIT, Fascial Stretch & More!

Crush It! with Your Home Workouts

I have partnered with Dana Lee at to give my local gym-goers an opportunity to do my spin & POUND workouts from home!

I invite you to try RealFit for 14 days for $1!

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No Fake Fitness

Fit happens when you find fun workouts that keep you coming back for more. All the instructors at RealFit bring personality, expert guidance and the reality factor. You'll see people of all shapes & sizes and NO polished "fake-feeling" videos. You'll feel like you are in studio with us and more importantly, you'll be inspired to become unstoppable in your workouts & in life!

Be Kinder to Yourself

All of the instructors at RealFit help you change how you talk to yourself and how you treat yourself in your everyday life, beyond your workouts. weaves in mindset training to so you stop beating yourself up, start letting go of the guilt for putting yourself first, and finally make working out consistently a healthy part of your healthy life with boundaries in place.

No Diet Talk

If you are over the diet talk, you will love RealFit. We believe you are capable of being so much MORE, and that means letting go of the talk about rules, restriction, deprivation and how to become LESS. At RealFit you will start to see what your body CAN do and grow to appreciate how you got here so you can only improve from here. That's what I call CRUSHIN' IT!

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Why You'll Be Happy You Joined & You'll Keep Coming Back for More

From the viewpoint of one of her long-time class participants:

💚 She exudes positivity and makes you feel you can accomplish anything in the class that you set your mind to

💚 She genuinely enjoys teaching and fitness - and that shows in her level of enthusiasm and professionalism

💚 Her classes are choreographed creatively and are unique to her "brand"

💚 She makes a point to learn everyone's names - easy to do since members keep coming back for more!

💚 Her music is inspiring, fun and always different. By varying genres she appeals to a wide variety of students. 

💚 Remakes of familiar tunes put a distinctive tone to classes

💚 She asks members for feedback/ideas for themes and music

💚 Themed classes, whether sing a long, women in rock, 90s grunge, pop tunes, glow sticks, holiday dress up etc. keep it interesting and spontaneous

💚 Classes are varied, and each week brings something different to the workout

💚 Her classes are challenging but do-able. You feel like you got an intense workout, but time goes by quickly.

💚 Pound is full body workout, focusing on various times on arms, legs, abs and glutes (T & A  section= Thighs & Assets)

💚 She gives modifications so everyone in the class can work at their own level

💚 Rhythmic Pound brings out your inner rock star! No rhythm, no problem - Drum Solo! 

As a fitness enthusiast and former instructor, I can confidently say that anyone who takes Colleen's classes will find them to be one of the most enjoyable parts of your day - no matter the age, gender, fitness level or music taste - students will certainly improve their cardiovascular and muscular strength while rocking out in a fabulous class. 
~ Angela Ludvigsen

Your 14 Day Trial Includes...

with Colleen Celmer

If you are a lover of awesome music, and you are seeking fun-flowing, spin rides from home, this is where it's at!

with Colleen Celmer

POUND is the ultimate rock out workout! Get ready to bring the energy, the laughs and the sticks to Crush it! with Colleen

Private Group

Connect with Colleen directly as you get to know each other & other members of the Crush It Crew!

HIIT Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training workouts range from 15-30 minutes and use minimal equipment, so most can be done anywhere.


Kickboxing workouts are among the most popular on RealFit & range from 30-60 minutes. Weighted gloves optional & so is a heavy bag!


In 30 minutes a session, you will condition your entire body with built-in cardio components. Minimal time, maximum results.


No bells & whistles around here! Get a super fun spin workout set to killer music where you compete only with yourself as you ride your heart out!

Yoga, Pilates & Barre

A variety of yoga flows, pilates & barre classes to improve joint mobility, core stability and stronger, longer muscles.

Mash Ups

A little kickboxing. A bit of lifting. A dose of HIIT... These are RealFitter favorites! We cover all the bases and you get the ultimate in variety.


Although Dana Lee no longer adds NEW step workouts to the site anymore, you get to tap into the archive or cue up other instructors!

8-Week Program

Sometimes it's nice to just be TOLD what to do. We got your back. You'll be able to follow a full workout program that gets results.

Colleen is a Terrific Instructor Who's Classes You Will Enjoy Immensely!

"Colleen is always enthusiastic in her classes by making the class fun; you want to exercise with her. When exercise is fun, you keep coming back. I love how she updates her playlist with theme classes; we had spins throughout the year for most holidays. My favorites were the Halloween thrill ride, birthday and Christmas She takes song requests; if there is an artist or song you love, she'll build it into the playlist.

All in all, Colleen is a terrific instructor who's classes you will enjoy immensely!"

~ Joyce Hayes

A Workout Program That Goes
& Grows WITH You

There is a reason members of stick around for years. It's a program that evolves WITH you. It will allow you to push yourself when you are in the season of focus & strength, then allows room for you to shift gears and take a more rested, gentle approach when other things in life must take precedence. RealFit is always there and ready, no matter where you are, no matter what your mood and for that, we'd love for you to have a part of your life taken care of! No need to keep searching for other fitness programs & solutions. That alone is exhausting and a big time suck. Check this off your list and get started today.

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Why She Keeps on Coming Back for More

"I have been coming to Colleen’s spin classes for 10 years. 10 years ago I was waiting for a spin class with another instructor and heard Colleen’s spin finale with her class. It was Springsteen’s Rosalita. I am a fan of Springsteen and that particular song. There was such energy and joy coming out of that room during and after that song from Colleen and the spinners that I decided I had to see for myself. I have been coming back ever since. She never disappoints.
Colleen is consistently positive, professional and patient to everyone who attends her classes. It does not matter if you are a new to spin or a regular. If you are new, she always acknowledges that and offers assistance for setting you up, even if you come at the last minute. Colleen is an inspiration in so many ways and displays these behaviors in each and every class without fail.

Colleen actively solicits music requests and plays them soon after requested even if it is not her personal favorite type of music.

Colleen always asks for feedback and gets to know what type of music the spinners like. She will compile a whole birthday set list for spinners upon based on their requests and if they did not request, she will add music that she knows they enjoy on their birthdays.

Colleen is truly kind and empathetic. A class former class regular ( A Bon Jovi fan) was having debilitating health issues and using a walker. She came to visit with a few of us and had made a mini Ms. Jon Bon Jovi license plate for her walker. Creativity is one of her many talents!

Colleen celebrates holidays with themed music and brings grab bag gifts and glo-lights to wear during the spin to make it more fun.

Colleen is constantly trying to improve herself. She has attended motivational events and concerts and inspire us with the experiences that she has had.

I have seen her contribute to other gym members charitable causes.

I have attended other off hours social events organized by other gym members to either celebrate events in her life or other gym members.

I have recently changed my gym status from full member to per class membership because her classes are the only reason that I go there.

Colleen invited anyone in our class that was interested to join her for a movie theater event. I was able to enjoy the evening with Colleen and a spinner from another gym because of our common interest (Springsteen).

Colleen is a devoted daughter of a mom with dementia who has navigated elder care issues with great devotion and empathy to those afflicted.

Colleen is an extraordinary individual that I have the privilege of knowing and spinning with for 10 years. She has graciously extended her gifts and friendship to all who spin with her. She always comes through with what we need when we need it."

~ Denise Livy
Wayne, NJ

A Portion of Every
Crush It! with Colleen Sale Goes to
The Alzheimer's Association

On this fitness site, we care about the impact alzheimer's is having on the elderly. The Alzheimer's Association is a organization that offers help, assistance and support to families that are affected along with doing the research necessary to understand and eradicate this heart-breaking disease of the mind.  

Learn About The Alzheimer's Association

You Can't Help But Feel Welcomed, Happy & Motivated!

"Giving a big shout out to my instructor, Colleen Celmer. Colleen spends time creating themed spin set lists to make the spin session fly by…1980s, 90s, top 100, holiday themed and you can yell, “Hell Yea” and “Help Me Help Me” me to songs in her interactive set list! Love a song? Mention it to Colleen and she’ll include it in one of her videos!

Colleen’s choreography is creative, varied and on count! Colleen’s pound classes Rock too! You can let your inner
drummer out…no experience necessary!

And to top it off, Colleen has such a great, positive vibe you can’t help but feel welcome, happy and motivated in her class when you are sweating your booty off!"

~ Sharon Snook

A Fitness Program on YOUR Terms

Gone are the days of wasting time or money on going to a gym with classes that don't fit your schedule. Or, if they do, the class isn't what you really want and the instructors is... meh. RealFit brings studio-style workouts with a dose of personality and laughter with the perfect balance of expert guidance. You choose the workout you want to do when you want to do it with the instructor you love the most. RealFit on YOUR terms.

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Kind & Encouraging No Matter Your Fitness Level

"Colleen Celmer is the best spin instructor!  Her classes are always fun and challenging! She puts more thought into her playlists and themes than any other instructor I have ever met. She is kind and encouraging not matter your fitness or experience level. I have followed her to a new gym just so I could continue to take her classes. If you want to ride with the best, I could not recommend Colleen more!"

~ Becky Santaniello
Wayne NJ

Who's Colleen Celmer?

I am an optimistic, positive thinker, with a silly sense of humor and a contagious joy for being alive and being ready to go and do anything life offers. Going to concerts, enjoying live music, and meeting celebrities lights me up! I love everything Disney; I even worked at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, FL. I am (slightly) obsessed with Minions and Muppets and Kermit the Frog is very special to me. I love to travel the world, to spend the day on the beach and to take millions of pictures of everything I love. I also love working out!  

I've been in love with group fitness since I was 17. I took classes for years (and still love taking classes) then in 2008, I was inspired by my dear friend Dana Lee to take my passion for fitness to the next level and become a Spinning Instructor. 

Dana Lee (the founder of has been my mentor and my inspiration from the beginning. She encouraged and supported me and let me know that anything is possible if you have passion and determination (and can keep the beat lol). She believed in me and, it there was at her studio, Evolution Health & Fitness in Haskell, NJ, where I taught my first spin class. Thank you Dana!

I also have a passion for teaching POUND and have been rocking out as a Pound Pro since 2015. Pound is a space for everyone, at any age, at any stage, to let loose and rockout while increasing your heart rate, toning your muscles and nourishing your soul. For me, Pound was love at first STRIKE! Rocking out to the infectious sweat-dripping tracks makes me feel like a Rockstar! And when you Pound with me, with each and every ripstick strike we band together as a community of fitness rebels. We encourage and support each other to show up and we have so much fun we forget we are working out. 

At first, I started instructing for me. I wanted to build workout set lists that reflected what I like and was excited to get paid to do something I love. But that was then. The reason I CONTINUE to teach is because I love bringing people together and offering them a workout that they ENJOY, where they HAVE FUN and that makes them FEEL AMAZING!

I hope our workouts together light you up and lift you up! 

Stay optimistic and grateful and you will be unstoppable! 

Believe in yourself and everything is possible!

Let's Crush It TOGETHER ~ Get Started Here