You'll need a couple different weighted dumbbells for this one - We'll be using a lighter set for biceps (because they are infused with a cardio drill) & a fairly light set for shoulders cuz' they're a small muscle group.... which means always a challenge to build strength there.

Our intervals are 60 seconds a piece in today's workout. Believe me, having that extra 10 or 15 seconds of an exercise poses a BIG challenge... so, be sure you are choosing your weights appropriately.

If you have a bench with risers, pull it out & set it up!

If you don't have a bench, ain't no thing, chicken wing - You can do everything on the floor & a mat.

1. Split Squat with Bicep Curl
2. Squat with R Leg Lift & Shoulder Raise R
3. Squat with L Leg Lift & Shoulder Raise L
4. Plank to Push Up + Knee to Elbow R & L
5. Pullover with Crunch & Knee Tuck

We go 3 rounds.

Teresa later told me she could have gone a 4th. You are welcome to do so because if you take the modifications, the effects of cardio are way less intense which means you might have some left in the tank to go at it again!