RealFit Yoga will be released the first week of every month, in addition to a new cycling workout as regularly scheduled. Try this complimentary, mixed-level yoga flow with Carolyn Fosko of Highland Yoga Studio in Butler, NJ. Mixed-level simply means wherever you are with your yoga practice, there are options for you.

Carolyn is my yoga instructor at a local studio near my house & she is simply amazing. Her level of coaching & cueing the precision of each move is impeccable & will help you better-understand alignment, breathing, balance, core engagement and proper form outside of her class - enhancing all of your other workouts! The ways she explains each posture/pose will stick with you when you are on your spin bike, throwing a roundhouse with me, lifting weights & even doing step. What you will learn in our RealFit Yoga sessions is like a gift that keeps on giving.... in fact, for this one, I am in class with you this time! So, come practice with me!

You'll need a mat (preferably a Yoga Mat since they are grippy & a bit longer than an exercise mat) and if you are new to yoga, you may want to invest in yoga blocks as a tool to help you reach the floor when you are feeling tight & can't quite get there with your hands yet.

I usually like my water bottle nearby too, so I take little sips when my throat feels dry.

Remember, do what you can... it's called a "yoga practice" for a reason - practice makes possible! 😉