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 When It's Time to Rethink Your Training...

Yes, working out is a staple in my life. As I'm sure it is yours. I guess you could say it's like a glue. It's how so many other pieces stay in check and in balance.

However, you know as well as I do that not all workouts are created equal.

I come from a time when I was one of the only chicks in the weight room at the gym and all the other ladlies were in the hi/lo aerobics class upstairs in their reeboks making the ceiling rumble.

Ok, ok.... I was also an "aerobics" instructor too -ugh! that's what we called it back then. blah! Now it's "Group Fitness Instructor" thank god. 

but the classes I loved to teach (and take) were kickboxing (read: tae bo), spin, step and strength (then we called it "sculpt" or "toning"). No hi/lo for me thanks!

Why did I love these in particular? Because they delivered the best results for a woman's body. 

Well.... kind of.

The fitness industry was fairly new when I started in the 90's. I mean, gyms have only been around a few decades at this point. That's not very long in the grand scheme of things.

So, back then there were 5 things we royally messed up. In fact, I still see those mistakes still happening NOW in 2017. #mindblowing

They are as follows....

Mess Up #1: Too much f-ing CARDIO. YES. Yes, my lovelies, it's true. In fact all that excessive cardio is working against us as women, especially once we enter our 40's and 50's. There was a reason we were called AREOBIC instructors. #bigfail

Why too much cardio? Because as we age, we lose muscle & muscle takes energy to sustain itself. So, if we lose muscle as we age (and chronic cardio is part of that break down and depletion) we are unable to use calories from the food we eat the same way as when we were younger when we had more natural muscle on our frames.  

Let's not even talk about repetitive movement and its impact on joints... that's an article for another time.

The REAL Results Solution: Dedicate no more than 2 days a week to cardio. (3 if you MUST) And REST days are a non-negotiable. Build them in as part of your strategy and your results will skyrocket. When you give your body a break, it can actually do something magical with all of the work you had put it through. Only with rest will it rebuild, repair and get more defined. 

Mess Up #2: MORE is NOT better. Another major mistake we made (and as I said, some gyms and online fitness sites are still making) is that somehow the message has been "more is better"... 60 minute classes, 90 minute classes, 2 hour weekend warriors. Walking on the dreadmill day in and day out.... and that couldn't be farther from the truth of effectiveness.

The REAL Results Solution: No need to spend 60+ minutes doing cardio. RealResults workouts take less time and help you increase intensity as you improve your form and your body. This is the type of training your health and your metabolism will thank you for.

In RealResults, you begin to start cutting your current cardio time in half while interweaving strength moves so you can be witness to watching your body change, your metabolism improve and your quality of life soar. It's exciting to know that you can then use that time and energy for other amazing things - like being with your friends, your family or pursuing things that make you a happier person.

Mess Up #3: Not all strength training makes you BULK UP. Let's be real here. "bulking" is subjective AND it is also based on the old school arnold days of split-day routines with low reps, isolated muscle work, heavy weights and massive protein consumption that is the equivalent to your body weight in pounds. #unrealistic #youllhavetoquityourdayjobtomakethishappen

The REAL Results Solution: Total body strength training for no longer than 45 minutes a session (I prefer 30 minutes) lifting weights that make you FEEL like you are doing cardio. In other words, cardio & strength combo workouts that keep your muscle growth long & lean and your calorie burn high, even after the workout is over. (side note: cardio alone doesn't do that for you)

Mess Up #4: WHAT you do DURING your workout session actually matters. It's not just about throwing your limbs around, jumping as high as you can and having the sweat to "prove" you've worked out. Teaching you proper form is something that has been severely lacking in fitness programs for years. Just because you sweat, that doesn't mean you're actually doing an effective workout. Sweat is just an indicator that your body knows how to cool itself off.

The REAL Results Solution: Practice safe sets. HOW you throw a punch, lift a dumbbell, pedal your spin bike, or do a simple body squat ALL MATTER. That repitition over time can either make you or break you. You want your form to be the best it can be, not just for a maximum calorie burn, but for the safety of your joints in the long run.... or ummm lift. 

Mess Up #5: Dieting became an INTERnational disaster. What got us into such a mess with our food obsession, workout compulsion, neverending "battle with the bulge" and our CONSTANT "I need to lose weight" mentality started with the mere notion that a diet was the answer. The whole idea of restricting your food is what got you off track in the first place and then got you stuck in the cycle of self torture. Food is not the enemy. Neither is your body.

Enter: RealResults Fitness & Mindset Group Coaching Program 

Try 30 Days of RealResults for $47.00

What Makes RealResults So Awesome

All of the above reasons and then some. THIS is why I developed a structured, month-to-month support system specifically for women; so you can get the training you need in both mind and body for the results you want in your LIFE, without all the bullshit.

After over 20 years working as a fitness professional training clients and running my own gym, I recognized that women around my age, in their 30's and 40's who enjoy working out, also love to improve themselves overall and understand that there is a better way than all that dieting and cardio 7 days a week. That just doesn't cut it anymore and it's sucking their time, energy, and life away. 

I could not find an online program (accessible from anywhere around the world) that solves for supporting the uniqueness of a woman.... 

so, in 2014 RealResults was born.

If you have come to the realization that your MIND is one of the most important muscles for you to develop, then this is the program for you. 

Gone are the days where a fitness program or diet plan alone will cut it. 

The future of fitness is all about developing a healthy mindset so that you are in alignment with the healthy body and healthy life that is easily sustainable.

RealResults is the support system that gives women the training they need for the results they want. Nothing more, nothing less.

Try 30 Days of RealResults for $47.00

Take a Sneak Peek Into The Member's Area:

+ The Private Facebook Group 

  •  Q & A Monday: Facebook Live Coaching Video
  •  Transformation Tuesday: Be held accountable. Post your commitments to yourself every week
  •  New Workout Wednesday: 1 or 2 New Workouts are Released Every Week (shout out to members)
  •  Thrive Thursday: Amanda's Wellness Kitchen Recipe & Tips
  •  Freakin' Awesome Friday: We celebrate your wins, big and small!
Try 30 Days of RealResults for $47.00

The Perks of Being a RealResults Member: 

Mindset Training That Keeps You Ahead of the Game

  •  Monthly Group Coaching Calls on Hot Topics from sleep, to cellulite. I dive in & teach you everything I know (I am not afraid to share my insider fitness industry secrets!)
  •  Weekly Coaching Videos in a Private Facebook Group answering YOUR Questions that puzzle you or have you stuck
  •  The language I use in your workouts is on purpose. It's designed to keep you feeling good about yourself. No body shaming. All positive talk ...and not annoying, cheesy-positive, either. ;-)
  •  I don't believe in dieting. In fact, the dieting culture is what has caused the most damage in my life and the lives of women around me. That mentality holds you back the very most! The mindset work we do helps to break the destructive thinking that comes with restrictive eating and the belief that you "have to earn your calories". Simply put, dieting just does not work. RealResults coaching delivers "how you eat food" in a better, more effective way.

Let Go of the Diet Dogma & Find What Works for You

  •  Dieting is causing major damage to our society, our culture and our bodies. In RealResults you put the "healthy eating" pieces together in a way that makes you feel good and thrive, mentally, emotionally & physically.
  •  What's good for one woman to eat, is not healthy for another. Learn how to let go of the idea that it's "good food vs bad food" and listen to what's right for YOU in THIS chapter of your life.
  •  There is no counting calories or macros in RealResults. This is not an accurate way to change your body for the good. Not all calories are created equal and macro ratios needs can change depending on exercise and life demands.
  •  We keep it simple around here: Whole foods are the fastest path to sustainable weight loss and long-lasting health and vitality.
  •  Receive cooking videos and recipes every week that support you with whole food eating, delivered by "Amanda's Wellness Kitchen"

Put in Your Music & Workout Requests

  •  Whether it's a spin playlist, or a theme for kickboxing, I make your requests happen. 
  •  Custom workouts make you a BIG part of the program! Feel more connected in this virtual experience than you ever did going to a gym. 
  •  Your fellow RealFitters appreciate when you give me workout suggestions. It keeps the workouts fresh, exciting and feeling like you are in our wood studio with us. It's pretty awesome, I must say.

Make Friendships From Around The World

  •  RealFitters are amazing women who know no boundaries. From Canada to Australia, California to Thailand.... you will bond with women from around the world all sharing the same mission: commitment to becoming their best selves!
  •  Feel good being yourself in a community of women who GET you, even when your friends & family in real life might not. :-/
  •  Even if you don't feel good about yourself in the "real world" you are sure to feel good about yourself here. These ladies love you just as you are! (and so do I!) xo

Progress in Mind & Body is Inevitable

  •  You receive the type of training from me that improves your form while you workout (yes, even through a video), which means you do NOT need to invest MORE time into your routine, instead we create a workout that keeps on giving. xo
  •  Boredom is a thing of the past. There is so much variety in the member's area that your body and mind will always be having fun with new challenges. Having a choice between 6 different workout formats (see below) means your body will always be guessing the next move.
  •  Learn how no particular diet is the "right diet." Every woman is different, and has different needs through different chapters in her life. Through mindset coaching, making new food choices and matching behavior get easier and easier as it aligns with overall healthier thinking and improved self care.

Follow Along Full-Length Fitness Videos

  • New workouts are released every single week. Altho there are old tried & true videos that are sure to become your go-to favorites.
  • There are 6 different formats in the member's area (you can see below): Ride, Yoga, Kickboxing, Strength, HIIT, and the archived Step library. In total, you have over 300 workouts in your library immediately upon joining.
  • Each workout category is broken into "under 30 minutes," "30 - 60 minutes," "cardio only," and "includes strength" so you can find what you need easily.
  • I take care of you from the moment you hit play to the moment the workout is over. Warm up, workout, cool down & stretch is built into every workout so you feel complete, continue to improve and minimize injury along the way.
  • BONUS: Join me and the MissFits (aka my back up girls) LIVE on the 3rd Saturday of every month. If you have your camera on, I can see you to coach your form. Our live stream workouts are SOOO FUN!!!

Workout When It Works for You

  • Pick & choose workouts based on your schedule, not only when it works, but also the length of time you have to devote to your workout. Some days you can count on 20 minutes to fit it in & feel good. Other days perhaps 45 minutes with the energy to back it up.
  • Queue up workouts based on your mood. Planned for kickboxing, but feel sore and want to do yoga instead? all good. The amount of variety at your fingertips gives you the power of choice to change at a moment's notice.
Try 30 Days of RealResults for $47.00

+ Get These Awesome Bonuses! 

BONUS 1: Foundation Videos 

End the Confusion! There is something to be said for going back to the basics. Every woman needs to build their own foundation from which all else becomes easier. Get 8 video trainings that take the confusion out of the fitness and nutrition puzzle and help you understand that the topic of nutrition and fitness is not a one size fits all. These videos help you see the bullshit of the industry. Here you will find your own formula so you can take the pieces of this program and customize them to your needs.  

BONUS 2: Programs To Follow 

Get the structure! Some women thrive when there is a set schedule of the same 2 or 3 strength building workouts to follow for a set number of weeks. These are perfect when you are specifically looking to compare apples to apples, which means week after week there is built-in progression as you practice the same moves. This makes it invitable for you to see the difference in your body and feel the strength improve. You have 7 to choose from: 4-week, 6-week, 7-week, 8-week, 9-week, 10-week and 12-week.

BONUS 3: Live Stream Workouts Improve your form and safety with the help of a LIVE trainer! The 3rd Saturday of every month at 11am EST is our BONUS Live Stream Workout. Meet your fellow RealFitters video-to-video along with the MissFits! I love live stream workouts because this is where I can coach you and be your personal trainer for the day. If you can't make it LIVE, the replay is available in the member's area.

BONUS 4: Mash Up Workouts

Mix it Up by Mashing It Up! These are a favorite among our members! Sometimes it's tough to choose which of the categories you are "in the mood for". This workout will solve all those problems. A little step, kick & strength. Or maybe Kick, strength, step & yoga? They are so much fun, you won't believe how quickly the time flies!

RealResults Is Ideal For...

  •  Women ages 30-50 who workout at home and are bored of the same old workout videos with scantily clad women spewing the same old typically-scripted fitness and diet jargon (roll eyes)
  •  A woman who is sick of yo-yo dieting and cares more about her overall health and keeping weight off for the long-term (who want to end the dieting and still look amazing!)
  •  A woman who appreciates awesome music and who would love the ability to put in her own song and artist requests so she can kickbox, step, spin, HIIT and lift to her favorites too.
  •  A woman who seeks the flexibility of being able to cue up any workout she wants when she wants it, depending on her mood, her timeframe, and her schedule.
  •  A woman who wants to work with a female trainer for body, mind, and spirit in an affordable way. Who can help her put the pieces together without having to join a gym or find a local trainer that fits the bill.
  •  A woman who seeks a community who also prioritizes personal improvement. Where everyone's goal is to better themselves, inside and out.
  •  A woman who loves to get her ass kicked and loves a new challenge. Maybe hasn't gotten into yoga yet, but would be open to trying it if it's going to make everything in life a bit more enjoyable (including other workouts)
  •  A woman who goes to the gym, but also seeks the things above as a compliment to her existing routine so she feels unstoppable!
  •  A woman who is not offended by the F-bomb. I use colorful language from time to time and I often use uncensored music.

RealResults is NOT Ideal For...

  •  Women who haven't worked out in years. RealFit workouts are intermediate to advanced.
  •  Guys. Yes, we have a couple male members, but the coaching videos and workout routines are aimed towards a woman's physique, female goals and topics that unique to a woman. 
  •  A woman who has a hard time sticking to a workout routine. RealResults is best suited for a regular exerciser who is fairly self-motivated and disciplined. She just wants better guidance in how to put it all together.
  •  A women who still believes all of the answers lie in the next diet or fitness plan. RealResults is a sustainable approach to living a life you love in a body you love. There is no talk of counting calories or macros and definitely no talk of "more is better" when it comes to working out. We respect rest days and use them as part of the strategy for fat loss.
  •  A woman who is not willing to invest money in her health and believes that "free" or "cheap" is going to get her the transformation she is seeking. Truth: transformation happens in the transaction. In other words, when you are ready to energetically put your money into something you care about changing, you & your body will change. 
  • A woman who thinks she can figure out weight loss and learning to love her body on her own. ...Excellent! That means you have a ton of patience and tons of time to waste.
  •  A woman who just wants to be told what to do. RealResults is a method of getting the training you need for the results you want, which means not every woman is the same. RealResults is not a cookie-cutter program that spews out the same formula for every woman to follow. Every member of RealResults comes with her own background, her own body type, dieting history and future goals for herself. RealResults is a journey to find your own formula with the guidance of an expert trainer and a supportive community.
  •  A woman who is offended by adult language. I do not censor myself, or my music as your trainer and coach. That means I drop the F bomb once in awhile when I deem necessary.

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What RealFitters Say About Getting RealResults!

"I love RealResults because I don't feel forced to work out or miss out on a class. I can take one whenever I want and hit replay too. Lots of choices with an instructor I like, and seeing women with NORMAL bodies, not ones that look forced to look that way."

~ Ellen Carozza

"Before I joined, I did cardio at least 5-6 times a week. I sometimes did a weight training circuit, but it felt boring, and I felt guilty for not doing cardio. I was hard on myself if I missed a workout it if I ate something "bad". Workouts were punishment designed to burn all the calories I'd overindulged in. Now, I am kinder to myself. I love strength and HIIT more than straight cardio. I workout maybe four or five times a week and only one of those would be straight cardio. I enjoy my workouts far more now, and they are not to reduce guilt, but to make myself feel better. I am stronger, more toned, more flexible and have better balance."

~ Esther Thompson

"I love the variety, the fun the girls have when working out, the motivation you all give me, AND I can workout at home, when I want-it fits into my schedule, which is very busy. I knew I was changing physically, but really noticed it this weekend. I had a large party to help out with and all the women were very tired by the end of the night. I was too, but not half as bad as they were. I could carry way more stuff than they could. I couldnt believe the difference. And most of the girls were half my age!"

~ Joanne Keen

"I work out at home. No having to get ready to go to the gym. In the amount of time it would take me to get there I already have a workout done. I had been at a plateau for years before joining RealFit, and I was what you call a "cardio junkie". I have learned the importance of strength training and now my body shows it. Once I started the consistency of the strength workouts in the program, was when I really started noticing a difference."

~ Susan Mercer

"I've always done the gym because of the CLASSES and how they were different everyday. It wasn't the same workout on some DVD every day. So the gym it was. The problem with a typical gym is you have to pay extra for a personal trainer from someone who is actually likable and helpful. No way in hell was I going to spend another $100 a week on a personal trainer and also drag my 4 yr old to the crappy gym daycare who ignored him the whole time. So I started looking for online programs on YouTube and found my awesome Dana and my life changed forever. Never having to drive to a gym had the most impact on my success because I could actually get to my workouts without have to drag my kids to a place they didn't want to go. Now I'm in the best shape of my life"

~ Robin Dunnigan

"All of the workouts are great, excellent variety & you can choose based on the equipment you have at home. It's WAY better than buying exercise dvds because of the variety, the real people, and the sense of community. Dana listens to what her members want & need and design workouts for us. It's really the best investment I have made in my health and I've been a member for almost 2 years."

~ Leslie Zimmerman

"I love RealResults because it is always there for me. I can choose any workout at anytime that works with my schedule. I cannot ever make any excuses because it is at my finger tips. I also like the support from the real fitters and great information from Dana! RealResults supports all my fitness needs!"

~ Emily Massey

"I like that I can pick a short HIIT or a longer workout, depending on how I feel/amount of time I have, and both are challenging enough that I don't feel bad for doing the shorter routine. Also, the wide variety of workouts is awesome, I never get bored! Really, I love everything about RealResults!"

~ Mallory Bevan

"Any time I'm ready for my workout it's there for me! I love the variety and how the workouts can actually fit my mood. But my top all time reason I love it here is because I feel no judgement! I can ask anything that I'm concerned about and I get the guidance and support that I need."

~ Heather Marie

"You're inspiring! I love the variety! There is lots of choice (but not so much that it's overwelming). I love the ease of use at home... you can fit in a workout anywhere! The spin workouts are my favorite - the reason I joined - there isn't anything else like it out there that is as awesome as your spin classes! oh, and the music!!!!! Of course the music is THE BEST!!!!"

~ Michelle Ahoy

"Dana makes me feel like doing the work! She encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and work hard. The variety of workouts always keeps it fresh and I'm never bored. I've been working out for 45 years and never plan on quitting. Found RealFit on YouTube when I was looking for a kickboxing workout, and I have been a member since. Dana Lee's knowledge and caring as a fitness coach and friend has made my life better!"

~ Theresa Willing

Try 30 Days of RealResults for $47.00

FAQ's About RealResults:

1. What equipment do I need for this program? 

You'll need internet access to stream each video (whether that’s workout videos, mindset videos, cooking videos or access to the private facebook coaching group) 

You can use the equipment you already have! This is the equipment we use:

  • RealFit Ride: Spin bike, dumbbells if you choose the “spinterval” option where I incorporate weight training off the bike.
  • RealFit Yoga: Yoga mat
  • RealFit Kick & Box: Just your body. But if you have a heavy bag, great - We do “box it or bag it” workouts that give you the option to use it if you’ve got it.
  • RealFit Strength: Dumbbells and a mat. There are some TRX workouts too - I take requests & sometimes we use a step or bosu (but I give options to do without)
  • RealFit HIIT: Mostly body weight, but sometimes I use similar equipment to strength workouts above.
  • RealFit Step: Step (with risers) & a mat, sometimes dumbbells.

2. Does this program include nutrition? 

Not directly. Nutrition is very individual, which means there are numerous variables involved in what is "healthy" for one person and "not healthy" for another. 

You will also find that your nutrition needs change throughout different chapters in your life. Pregnancy vs menopause for example... totally different needs! 

I am however, an advocate of whole food eating in general. It's always a good idea to consume more of the foods our bodies recognize from the earth, than opting to eat food-like products from boxes, packages and bottles.  

The most important thing for you to know is that this program includes the mindset component that is vital for you to understand your relationship with food and dieting. When you get that connection, the best food choices for your results become easy. For reelz.

3. What results can I expect to achieve? 

The main goal is to give the training you need so you can get the results you WANT. 

Along the way, you will discover the awesome things your body can do, and progressively do over time. 

The objective is to have fun, get stronger, and improve how you feel about yourself. Yes, you'll likely lose fat and build muscle; those benefits are side effects from becoming an even more awesome YOU.

4. What if I have a question or I am stuck at any point? 

I, Dana Lee, am your coach throughout this program and you will have access to me through the private facebook group and by commenting under any of the videos in the member’s area where your program is accessed.  

5. Are there other women like me in the program? 

The women in this program are in their 30’s, 40’s & 50's. They know cardio workouts all to well, most have come from the VHS & DVD world of working out. 

Everyone here in RealResults is sick of the calorie counting (or macro counting) methods that have driven them to be obsessed they are tired of the cyclical weight gain that comes from yo-yo dieting.

Some RealFitters are moms, some run businesses, some are teachers, or hold other professional positions.

Main things in common: They all work out at home and they all care about improving themselves inside and out for the long haul. They seek the mindset training to help get them there faster (and with way more fun) than doing it by themselves or with fitness or diet alone. (read: they are here for the shortest route to success possible)

6. Is this program good for beginners? 

This program will be fine if it’s been a few months since you’ve exercised regularly, however it’s not recommended for women who haven’t worked out in years. 

My goal is for you to feel successful. So perhaps if you are the latter, this will inspire you to get into a regular routine again so when this program becomes available future, you will be ready to go!  

7. Will I get bored with this workout plan? 

NO WAY! We have RealFitterswho joined when this program first opened in January of 2014 and they continue to stay involved and put in new workout requests. With over 300 videos to choose from and new ones adding to that every week, nope. Boredom is definitely not an issue 'round here.

8. What are the payment options? 

You can pay monthly or for receive 2 months free if you pay annually.

I see mindset, food and fitness as an ever-evolving part of our health. Rather than go program hopping every couple of months, I created a long-term solution so you can put your energy into other things. It can be a relief to know this part fo your life is taken care of. 

There is however, an option to cancel anytime. Stay for as long as it works for you! For some it may be seasons, for some it's years. :-)

Just keep in mind that this program is only open for enrollment a couple times a year. So, should you cancel, you'll have to wait to rejoin when the program opens again. 

9. What happens if I don't like it? 

There is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee upon joining. So, rest assured you will get your money back if it doesn't meet your expectations or there is another reason that comes up for you.

I am always open to feedback and we are constantly improving the site. So, please share! Your experience and opinion matters to me and my RealFit Team.

Try 30 Days of RealResults for $47.00

About Your Coach and Trainer, Dana Lee  

Dana Lee is the founder of She is the creator of the Progress Not Perfection 9 week Program and the brains and beauty behind the RealResults Monthy Coaching Program for women. She is a 20+ year fitness industry veteran who holds a minor in Exercise Physiology. She has mastered over a dozen group fitness formats over her career, where she has had the added advantage of applying her skills learned through personal training to her group fitness classes. This level of coaching is hard to come by in the online fitness world.

Dana's mission is to educate and inspire women to be their own self-care advocates and that begins with a healthy mindset. When you retrain the way you think, you inevitably rethink the way you train which ultimately leads to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and a physically, mentally & emotionally HAPPIER YOU. 

She has guided hundreds of women to their goals using practical and effective techniques that focus on education, self-discovery and real-world practice. These things, along with training guidance and mindset work, help women make lasting, do-able changes, so they can more fully enjoy everything life has to offer.

In her free time, you can find Dana riding her motorcycle with her husband Steve, spending time with friends over good coffee & conversation, or practicing her handstands & arm balances in yoga.


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