Food Rules & Freedom

Favorite It’s common to think that if you just get control over your eating & your workouts, you will finally be free!!!! What if I told you this was actually backwards? & instead, if you focus on freedom FIRST, only then you will have the greatest control. Don’t believe me? Watch this: I taught on […]

See What I’m Cooking Up!

Favorite   Oh, have I got a treat for you today! Although I choose to eat mostly whole-foods & what I consider “healthy” for me – for the most part! – I have always claimed how I don’t like to cook. Instead, I “put things together.” So, given the opportunity to “put things together” – […]

2 Simple Things To Do First Thing in The Morning (fresh lemon + Himalayan pink salt)

Favorite   Did you know drinking warm lemon water aids in digestion, improves immune function, decreases inflammation & keep skin young, healthy and glowing? I’ve been squeezing half an organic lemon into an 8 oz glass of luke-warm water & drinking it first thing in the morning for the past month or so. It’s a […]

What if Your Weight Loss Goal is not Actually Weight Loss?

Favorite   This post is from December 2015, but it still rings true.  Read on, watch the video, and post your comment.  More good stuff to come! Have you caught yourself saying “I’m going to lose this extra weight come new year.” or “That’s it… I’m gonna hit the workouts hardcore January 1st…. (or er…. […]

Will you grow 23% in size then too?

Favorite   The average plate size in America has grown 23% between the years 1900 & 2012, from 9.6″ to 11.8″ according to the journal of consumer research. Drinking glasses have grown too. Surprise, surprise! Not news to you? ok…. But I just read this stat again recently & it’s worth revisiting for the both […]

RealFit In 5: Do you need a sports drink?

Favorite What if I told you that most energy drinks and sports drinks are overrated, overused & totally misused? With the dog days of summer, comes buckets of sweat. You’re pushing so hard & busting your ass to lean down, get stronger & feel better about yourself. So, it only makes sense to reach for […]

RealFit in 5: 5 Steps That Brought Me From Sugar-Burning to Fat-Burning

Favorite Over the course of the last year, I have been working on re-training my body to get off the sugar (or carbs) and use my own body fat for energy instead. And over the weekend, it hit me. I’ve come a long way with this transition. In fact, it’s safe to say, I have […]

3 Hidden Pitfalls That Even Smart, Hard-working People Fall Into That Keep Them Frustrated About Zapped Energy

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TMI? Birth Control, Chronic Stress, Whacky Hormones & What To Do About It

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My Thoughts On Breakfast

Favorite Oh, breakfast. They say it’s the most important meal of the day. Who’s “they” is what I’d like to know. Are you someone who wakes up hungry? Great, then eat. Are you someone who wakes up & has no appetite for food and is just fine with coffee? Ok, then eat when you get […]