Heavy Bag Basics

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Learn How To Jump Rope

Jumping rope or skipping rope is one of the simplest things you can do to stay in shape no matter where you are. I said simple, however, I understand that jumping rope is not easy! So, this tutorial gives you the basics of how to find the right rope for you, what length of jump rope is recommended & some simple techniques to get you started. This can take some time & dedication, but I promise, once you get it, you can easily incorporate it into any workout & maximize your calorie burn every time!

RealFit Fitness Test

I know you’ve been working hard. Sometimes we don’t see the scale moving, but we do feel a difference in our clothes or see some muscular lines showing down our arms.

There is a great way to see your progress for yourself first-hand OR to check if you might be over-training (no PROgress at all, or maybe even REgress!):
It’s my fitness test!!!! This is what I give some of my clients to do every 2 months or so.

It’s only about 6-7 minutes, so put it in your calendar to re-occur at the 8-week mark