5 Moves That Get You Warmed Up Before Your Walk, Run or Ride

Favorite ugh. yesterday was rainy, yucky & rather cold as we welcomed the month of May. & where was I? I was trying my best to warm up a group of dedicated 5kers at the Annual 5k Race/Walk in Waldwick, NJ. My buddy Jared Ruban was the presenting sponsor. So Body Plus & RealFit.tv teamed […]

Keep Doing THIS & You’ll Never Reach Your Goals!

Favorite   Oh. Em. Gee. The weather was amazing on Sunday!!! so got on our bikes, met up with my Mom & Dad & I got out for my first ride of the season. This is one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday & I look forward to sharing more pics with our […]

Having A Crappy Day? Ask Yourself This One Question & *snap!* Turn It Around

Favorite   Crappy days. We’ve all had them. & sometimes they turn into entire weeks. ugh But, how do you stop it in its tracks so you keep it from ruining your whole day (or snowballing into the next)? 8 magical words. That’s how. It’s about asking the right question when you notice your day […]

Take This Quiz & Start Playing To Your Strengths

Favorite   I used to have this deep rooted belief “if I only tried HARDER”, I would get down to that body fat percentage I wanted so badly. … I would make more money. …. I would “be successful” – whatever that means. I would… (fill in the blank). What if it’s not about doing […]

How I Made My Standing Desk

Favorite   About this time last year I was working a lot from home because our new studio was under construction. We were in-between locations. (wow… that was a YEAR ago!) My home desk is a tall bar table, so I became accustomed to working mostly on my feet with a barstool behind me that […]

RealFit In 5: Should I sleep or workout?

Favorite I am a fitness coach & I will be the first to tell you that quality sleep comes BEFORE your workout schedule. No need to feel guilty for over-sleeping on days you intended to hit the workout. Today’s blog helps put it in perspective so you can build a solid foundation no matter WHAT […]

5 Ways to Handle “My clothes don’t fit!”

Favorite   ahhh… the first full week of 2016. And before we get much further, I wanted to address something that may be tripping you up before you even get started. The dreaded realization of “Aaaack!!! my clothes don’t fit me!” Have you recently slipped on an old pair of jeans only to get them […]

What if Your Weight Loss Goal is not Actually Weight Loss?

Favorite   This post is from December 2015, but it still rings true.  Read on, watch the video, and post your comment.  More good stuff to come! Have you caught yourself saying “I’m going to lose this extra weight come new year.” or “That’s it… I’m gonna hit the workouts hardcore January 1st…. (or er…. […]

Holiday Stress Eating Survival Tactics

Favorite It’s good to know I’m not the only adult who colors! (in case you missed my blog post yesterday, coloring is one of my favorite ways to unwind) & I got some great ideas back from you – soak in the tub, listen to music, do a bit of yoga, take a quick walk, use […]

How To Set Up Your Holiday Season To Be Awesome

Favorite I have one question for you today: Are you game for making this year’s holiday season TOTALLY AWESOME? Indulging in yummy treats without the guilt. Finding time for your workouts without killing yourself in the process. Spending time with family without killing THEM in the process. 😉 Watch this 4 min video & find […]