NEW RealFit Tee’s & Tanks: Body Under Construction, Mind on a Mission.

Favorite   I’m psyched to announce that we just launched a 7-day tee & tank campaign! If you feel like your body is a work in progress AND you are determined to hit the goals you set for yourself, this tee says it all as you embrace the journey towards a better you. The body […]

I Became Obsessed To Stay Thin

Favorite                 For years, I took my workouts WAY too seriously. I mean, not only the workouts themselves (being hyper-focused, cracking no smiles what-so-ever, head down & keeping to myself) but also in the fact that it was an ALL or nothing mentality. I was afraid, no… petrified…to […]

Happy Holidays from the RealFit MissFits

Favorite   The RealFit Team of MissFits Wish You a Happy & Healthy Holiday!     Love, Dana Lee, Amanda, Barbara, Teresa, Eileen, Lara, Nicole & Anita   Favorite

10 awesome gift ideas for fitness lovers in your life

Favorite Since there are 2 weeks left til Christmas & the start of Hanukah (Yup. Plenty of time!) I pulled together a list of 10 awesome gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life, ranging from $8 to $140 (listed below in that order) to make your life easier in the gift-giving season. These […]

Progress Not Perfection: Tanks, Tee’s, Hoodies & Mugs for the Holiday

Favorite Too many women are way too hard on themselves, wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps you read that & thought, “yup. That would be me.” I see it in practically EVERY facebook group I am in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group about fitness, or personal development or entrepreneurship. It’s everywhere! I totally get it. […]

Enrollment for RealResults is CLOSING September 1, 2016

Favorite   Here’s a little piece of living proof that I practice what I preach – I eat my own cookin’ as they say – & my life has been transformed because of the habits & the work I’ve put into shifting my mindset about food & fitness. And it’s why I am so passionate […]

“Perfectly Imperfect” Tee’s & Tanks Only Available Until August 7th

Favorite                 I was scrolling through my news feed yesterday & saw an ad for an app that TUNES your FACE for better selfies. What does “tuning your face” mean, you ask? Well, it basically gives you the magic photoshop tools right on your phone to reform & […]

Amanda’s Wellness Kitchen: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding

Favorite This week, I was craving chocolatey treat. So, I whipped up some of this pudding and it crushed my craving and left me satisfied for hours. I’m calling it Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding, but I found that if you refrigerate it for a couple hours, it’s more like a mousse. YUM!! This pudding is […]

Keep Doing THIS & You’ll Never Reach Your Goals!

Favorite   Oh. Em. Gee. The weather was amazing on Sunday!!! so got on our bikes, met up with my Mom & Dad & I got out for my first ride of the season. This is one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday & I look forward to sharing more pics with our […]

April Live Stream Workout: Muscle Endurance Challenge

Favorite   You’ll need a couple different weighted dumbbells for this one – We’ll be using a lighter set for biceps (because they are infused with a cardio drill) & a fairly light set for shoulders cuz’ they’re a small muscle group…. which means always a challenge to build strength there. Our intervals are 60 […]