[Part 5 of 5] Rewriting Your Goals to a Level of Awesomeness

Favorite Yay! One more to go! & This is the very best one. We started at “S” in our S.M.A.R.T acronym & as of yesterday, ended at “T” which brings us to…  the best part ~ Rewriting your goal! In case you missed any: Click to go to Part One Click to go to Part […]

[Part 4 of 5] Just For the Record

Favorite Oooo it’s getting GOOD now! This brings us to Video 4 in this 5-part series. Yesterday we used the power of our imagination & visualization to bring in the much needed element of emotion to the S.M.A.R.T goal setting system. If you missed any of them, Click to go to Part One Click to […]

[Part 3 of 5] Inject Some Awesome

Favorite OK, this is “Hump Day” in our five part series!  We’re past the halfway point and getting closer to our redefining your goal in a meaningful way that gives it magnetism! In the first video we expanded our goal setting in 3 ways. In the second video we outlined 10 new ways to measure […]

[Part 2 of 5] Motivation Beyond Measure

Favorite We gave some frame-work to your goals by allowing you to stretch & expand in a new way during Part One. If you missed it, watch it here before you watch the video below. Today, we take a good look at motivation as it pertains to how you are measuring your success along the way. […]

[Part 1 of 5] 3-Point Stretch

Favorite Welcome to Part One in our Five-Part Series on revolutionizing goal-setting for your New Year’s resolution on weight loss & health! Get ready, because this series will forever change the way you approach how you set your goals – and achieve them – from here on out. Be sure you have your 2017 Plan […]

I Finally Stepped on The Scale & Here’s What Happened

Favorite At some point in my journey I realized that weighing myself was not beneficial & didn’t actually help put me in the frame of mind to do anything productive about changing a situation I wasn’t happy with. In fact, come to find out, it caused more self-sabotage than if I didn’t even weigh myself […]

How To Be Less Controlling & Still Hit Your Goals

Favorite I’m extending the topic of control from last week because I felt it necessary to give you a super important ingredient that simply cannot be left out of the “get it under control” formula. That ingredient is…. MAGIC. Now, you can use any word you like in exchange – universe, god, divine intervention, spirit… […]

A chance to win 500 bucks

Favorite RealFitters have been sportin’ our new Perfectly Imperfect tank tops. This was me right before our member’s only live stream workout on Saturday… This is Nicole, who’s in a lot of our workout videos & is a raving fan of step (such as myself) Check out the new step workout this week btw… & […]

Food Rules & Freedom

Favorite It’s common to think that if you just get control over your eating & your workouts, you will finally be free!!!! What if I told you this was actually backwards? & instead, if you focus on freedom FIRST, only then you will have the greatest control. Don’t believe me? Watch this: I taught on […]

What To Do When YOU’RE Fit But Your Clothes Aren’t

Favorite It may not appear this way to you, but I wear a large or an extra large in women’s tank’s & t-shirts. I haven’t worn a small since freshman year in high school. I also more-often-than-not fit more comfortably into a size 10 pants, & sometimes even a 12, depending on the cut. In […]