Every September, Wildwood hosts the Fireman's Convention. & Every September I say to Steve - "You are welcome to go without me, don't let me stop you from going, but HELLS no, I won't go!"

If you know anything about this convention, it's mainly an excuse to drink & party.

Yeah.... so.... That's what my 20's were for.

And I definitely have good - & not-so-good - memories from those times.

Now, I have even better reason to wake up feeling awake & alive every morning and I am not willing to sacrifice that for anyone or anything.

This year was a new opportunity. Different people, ocean-front condo, away from the crowds.
(Plus, I didn't get to the beach nearly as much as I had wanted to this year.)

To ensure I thoroughly got the most out of 2 solid end-of-summer beach days, I brought my sneakers & workout gear - just in case. Because, that's what makes me happy & makes me feel good.

& sure enough, the weather was just perfect & there was a bench by the beach calling my name.

This was my Atlantic Ocean HIIT workout. It was 12 minutes & kicked my butt. And I felt awesome the rest of the day chillin' in my beach chair, soakin' up some vitamin D, watchin' the waves crashing in - one of my favorite places to be in this world. On the beach, by the water.

I wore my workout gloves, an iPod & used an interval timer.

Warm Up:
Jump rope for 3 minutes
Body Squats for 1 minute
Walk Out Push Ups for 1 minute

50/10 for 4 exercises x 3 rounds = 12 minutes
1) Knee Up Right
2) Push Up to Side Plank (alternate R & L)
3) Knee Up Left
4) Dips with alternating Knee Tuck (for abs)

& some yoga & stretching afterwards is always a good idea 🙂

In fact, the following day, that's exactly what I did. & here is why yoga has become so important to me...

Do you practice blocking out the chatter on a daily basis? Comment under this blog - what ways are you finding peace in your day?